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  1. What does COSAL stand for?
    Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List
  2. What is the COSAL used for?
    Lists all equipment onboard and all required repair parts associated with it.
  3. What 2 listings does the COSAL contain?
    APL's and AEL's
  4. What does APL stand for?
    Allowance Parts Listing
  5. What does AEL stand for?
    Allowance Equipage Listing
  6. What does Validation mean (in reference to the COSAL)?
    Modification, additions and deletions of parts and equipment.
  7. What does FCFBR stand for?
    Fleet COSAL Feed Back Report
  8. What form is used for a fleet COSAL Feed Back Report?
    NAVSUP Form 1371
  9. When do you use an FCFBR?
    When there is an error on the APL or AEL
  10. What does MOV stand for?
    Material Obligation Validation
  11. What is MOV used for?
    To verify if backordered or outstanding items are still needed.
  12. What 2 types of MOV are there and how often are they updated?
    • Internal - monthly
    • External - quarterly
  13. What does DLR stand for?
    • Depot Level Repair
    • Cheaper to repair than to replace
  14. What does NRFI stand for?
    Non Ready For Issue
  15. What is a turn in?
    A NRFI Carcass
  16. What advice code is used when dealing with a one for one turn in?
  17. What does RIP stand for?
    Remain In Place
  18. When is RIP used?
    When a part is authorized to remain in place until new part comes in.
  19. What does BAMS stand for?
    Battle Group Asset Management System
  20. What does MAM stand for?
    • Maintenance Assist Module
    • Approved by CO
    • Managed by SUPPO
    • Distributed to HODs
    • Used for troubleshooting
  21. What is the BAMS used for?
    A database use to query the location of material on all units.
  22. What are MAMs used for?
  23. Where are MAMs stored?
    Custody of Department Head
  24. What does UMMIPS stand for?
    Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System
  25. What does NSN stand for?
    National Stock Number
  26. How many digits are in the NSN?
    13 (4 digits FSC, 9 digits NIIN)
  27. What does ASG stand for?
    Afloat Shopping Guide
  28. What is the ASG used for?
    To assist personnel in identifying the NSN items most frequently requested by ships.
  29. What is a 1348-1?
    Release Receipt Document
  30. Name 3 things you are supposed to do when you sign a 1348-1
    • Circle
    • Sign
    • Date
  31. What does RPPO stand for?
    Repair Parts Petty Officer
  32. Where is Stock Control located?
    • 2-122-1-Q
    • Stbd, fwd of aft mess decks
  33. What is the purpose of a fleet freight/cargo message?
    To inform supply where to deliver parts.
  34. What does CRIPL stand for?
    Consolidated Remain In Place List
  35. What is the advice code for a RIP item?
  36. How are initial stock levels established?
    Based on applicable allowance list quantities.
  37. True or False
    RIP items are only authorized if it is listed on CRIPL?
    • True
    • Some exceptions by CAGMO to SUPPO
  38. In reference to the UMMIPS, the Supply Officer is required to ensure the combined total of issue group one and two don't exceed what percentage of requests submitted?
  39. What does ASI stand for?
    Automated Shore Interface
  40. What does OPTAR stand for?
    • Operating Target
    • Large grant given at beginning of fiscal year
  41. What are the differences between the two components of OPTAR?
    • EMRM: Money dedicated for buying maintenance related parts.
    • Fund Codes: LB and LR

    • Other or consumables: Administrative and housekeeping items.
    • Fund Codes: LE, 7E and 7F
  42. What is a COG (cognizance symbol)?
    Apha numeric code that identifies a stock numbered item with a Navy inventory manager of a specific material.
  43. What is the purpose of the ship store?
    • Low cost goods
    • Promote good morale
  44. What does BDFA stand for?
    Basic Daily Food Allowance
  45. What is FEDLOG used for?
    • Technical research on a part.
    • Provides NSN, part number and price.
  46. What does EIC stand for?
    Equipment Identification Code
  47. What is EIC used for?
    7 character alpha-numeric code that identifies hardware item from the highest to lowest level.
  48. What division manages the COSAL?
    MSC (Material Support Center)
  49. What are the procedures for an open purchase?
    • Obtain 3  quotes signed by the HOD and turn into S-1.
    • Max $3000.
  50. What publication makes SUPPLY language understandable for an RPPO?
    409 MILSTRIP
  51. What type of material is ordered directly through R-SUPPLY?
  52. What type of material is ordered through OMMS-NG?
  53. How many divisions are there in Supply?
  54. What is S-1 division?
    Stock Control
  55. What is S-6 Division?
    Aviation Supply
  56. Food service/general mess is what division?
  57. How often does the COSAL get validated?
    • Monthly
    • Using ASI (Automated Shore Interface)
  58. What are the different cognizance symbols for DLRs?
    7H, 7E, 7X, 7G, 7Q
  59. What does CRAMSI stand for?
    • Consolidated Residual Asset Management System Inventory
    • (Fun fact: CVN70 does not do a departmental budget)
  60. What is Hazmat Reutilization, what supply division handles it, and where are they located?
    • Reusing HAZMAT
    • S-8A division
    • HB2 portside
  61. What are the 6 HAZMAT categories?
    • FATCOC
    • Flammable
    • Aerosol
    • Toxic
    • Compressed Gases
    • Oxidizers
    • Corrosives
  62. What are HAZMAT PPE items?
    • Face shield
    • goggles
    • apron
    • toxic suit
    • gloves
    • boots
  63. What does DRMO stand for?
    Defense Re-utilization Marketing Office
  64. What is demand processing?
    Ordering non-carried parts; then carried onboard as stock.
  65. What is the difference between APL and AEL?
    • APL pertains to repair parts
    • AEL pertains to related consumables
  66. What is each sailor's BDFA?
  67. Who is the SUPPO?
    CDR Debord
  68. What does MRE stand for?
    Meal Ready to Eat
  69. What means can we use to feed personnel during GQ (What are the battle rations)?
    • Hot plates
    • MRE
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