114 Chap 54`

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  1. What is a fracture
    a break or disruption in the continuity of a bone
  2. complete break
    • break is across the entire width of the bone
    • (bone is divided into 2 sections)
  3. Incomplete Fracture
    the break is through only part of the bone
  4. Stress Fracture
    caused by excessive stress or strain on the bone
  5. Compression Fracture
    produced by loading force applied to long bones
  6. Prostheses
    • shrinking devices help shape residual limb to help client readapt
    • use fig 8 and wrap distal to proximal rewrap every 4-6 hrs is becomes loose
  7. exercise after amputation
    • ROM to prevent flexion contractures
    • trapeze over bed for pt control
    • firm mattress
    • prone position every 3-4 hrs
    • elevate lower leg: good for reducing edema but concern for contracture
  8. diff between phantom limb pain and stump pain
    phantom limb pain is nerve pain
  9. fractures of the hip have to be ____
    surgically corrected for pt to be able to bear weight
  10. types of traction
    • Skin involves Velcro boot, belt or halter
    • Skeletal involves pins, wires, screws
  11. what is traction?
    application ofa pulling force to provide reduction, alignment, and rest at the site.

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