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  1. Who is the 3M manager onboard onboard CVN70?
  2. Who sponsors the Navy's 3-M program?
    The CNO
  3. What color is a danger tag?
  4. What color is a caution tag?
  5. How often is an MRC with periodicity Q-2 required to be accomplished?
  6. What does the R periodicity code stand for?
  7. What best represents the main purpose of 3M?
    to ensure maximum equipment readiness meeting minimum specifications
  8. What is the procedure in verifying an MRC against the work center PMS manual?
    MRC to MIP, MIP to LOEP, LOEP to ROC page, then check the current force revision
  9. What does MIP stand for?
    Maintenance Index Page
  10. What does SPMIG stand for?
    Standard PMS Material Identification Guide
  11. What is the SPMIG (not what it stands for)?
    5 digit cross reference used to identify tools, parts, or materials listed on the MRC
  12. What computer based system does CVN70 use to schedule, track, and assign PMS?
    Sked 3.2
  13. What Sked PMS schedule shows all the Maintenance Requirements to be completed for the week?
  14. What sheet is signed by the maintenance person after completion of the maintenance?
    13-week report
  15. Who annotates on the 13-week report, or back page, the reason for non-accomplishment of maintenance requirements?
    Work center supervisor
  16. What color is a classified MRC?
  17. What are the conditions for a piece of equipment to be placed in an IEM status?
    • - Inactive for corrective maintenance
    • - Inactive for 30 days or more
    • - Stored at a location off of the ship
  18. What is the Forces Afloat Safety Manual?
    OPNAVINST 5100.19E
  19. When is a supplemental form (OPNAV 4790/2L) used?
    When the work candidate request needs a drawing to accomplish the maintenance
  20. What does FR stand for and how often is it used?
    • Force Revision
    • Used twice per year
  21. What document must be used when HAZMAT is used in performing PMS?
    MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  22. What does the abbreviation IEM stand for?
    Inactive Equipment Maintenance
  23. What does the acronym JSN stand for?
    Job Sequencing Number
  24. What are the 3 parts of a Job Control Number?
    UIC, work center, JSN
  25. What color is an OUT OF COMMISSION label?
  26. What color is an OUT OF CALIBRATION label?
  27. Who does the maintenance person notify when there is a problem conducting PMS?
    Work Center Supervisor
  28. What provides a listing of maintenance index pages assigned to each work center?
    LOEP (List of Effective Pages)
  29. Name the Ship's Maintenance Management System Manual
    OPNAVINST 4790.4C
  30. Who is the 3M functional manager onboard?
    3M Coordinator
  31. If an MRC requires a maintenance person of a certain rate to perform maintenance, can someone of another rate be assigned that maintenance?
    Yes, if the person possesses the required skillset
  32. What is the four-digit code located at the lower-right corner of the MRC used in cataloging MRCs?
    SYSCOM MRC Control Number
  33. How many weeks worth of 13 week accountability logs are required to be maintained in the 13 week accountability file?
    14 - 13 previous weeks, plus the current week
  34. Who maintains PMS master file?
    3M Coordinator
  35. If an MRC requires a person of a different NEC to perform maintenance, can someone of another NEC be assigned that maintenance?
  36. Who is the 3MO?
    LT Palmer
  37. Who is the 3MC?
    MCCS Laforenza
  38. What is another name for the LOEP?
  39. What columns are on the 13-week report?
    • Schedule date
    • MIP
    • Periodicity
    • #
    • Maintenance item
    • Serial #
    • Location
    • Tags
    • Crew Assigned
    • Signature
    • Completed date
  40. What are some things on the secondary labeling for hazmat?
    • Nomenclature
    • Manufacturer
    • NSN / NIIN
    • Shelf Life
    • Manufacturer contact information (number, address, etc.)
  41. What is the OPNAVINST 4790.2H?
    Ship's local 3M instruction
  42. What is the OPNAVINST 4790.8C?
    Ship's afloat 3M
  43. What is the OPNAVINST 4790.2K?
    Maintenance action form (aka) work request
  44. What is the OPNAVINST 4790.2L?
  45. What is the OPNAVINST 4790.2LK?
    Config change form
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