Definitions #3

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  1. Panoptically
    Considering all parts or elements.
  2. Apposite
    Particularly appropriate; well-suited.
  3. Memetics
    The study of the transmission of cultural chunks, i.e. beliefs, practices or ideas.
  4. Abjure
    To reject or renounce.
  5. Aborgate
    To abolish, usually by authority.
  6. Acerbic
    Biting or bitter in tone or taste.
  7. Acrimony
    Bitterness or discord
  8. Acumen
    (As a noun) Keen insight. (As a verb)To sketch out in a keen way
  9. Adumbrate
    To sketch out in a vague way.
  10. Alarcity
    With eagerness and speed.
  11. Anathema
    A cursed, detested person. A strong dislike.
  12. Approbation
  13. Aspersion
    A curse, expression of ill-will.
  14. Assiduous 
    Hard-working and diligent.
  15. Blandish
    A coax by using flattery.
  16. Boon
    A gift or blessing.
  17. Buttress
    To support, hold up.
  18. Cacophony
    Tremendous noise, disharmonious sound.
  19. Calumny
    An attempt to ruin someone's reputation.
  20. Capricious
    Subject to a whim or fancy.
  21. Clemency
  22. Cogent
    Intellectually convincing.
  23. Concomitant
    Accompanying in a subordinate fashion.
  24. Conflagration
    • 1) Great fire
  25. Contrite
    Penitent or eager to be forgiven.
  26. Credulity
    Readiness to believe.
  27. Cupidity
    Greed or strong desire.
  28. Cursory
    Brief to the point of being superficial.
  29. Deleterious
  30. Demure
    Quiet, modest, reserved.
  31. Diaphanous [dī áffənəss]
    Light, airy, transparent
  32. Discursive
  33. Ebullient
    Extremely lively, enthusiastic
  34. Effulgent
    Radiant, splendorous.
  35. Enervate
    To weaken, exhaust.
  36. Ephemeral
    Short-lived, fleeting
  37. Evanescent
    Fleeting, momentary.
  38. Evince
    To show or reveal.
  39. Exculpate
    To free from guilt or blame.
  40. Execrable [ éksəkrəb'l ]
    Very bad.
  41. Exigent
    Urgent, critical.
  42. Expiate [ ékspee àyt ]
    Atone for wrongdoing.
  43. Fatuous
    Silly or foolish.
  44. Fecund [ fkənd ]
  45. Fetid
    Having a foul smell.
  46. Florid
    Flowery or ornate.
  47. Fractious [ frákshəss ]
    Irritable and complaining.
  48. Garrulous
    Talkative, wordy.
  49. Hegemony
    Domination over others.
  50. Euphemism
    The substitution of a mild or inoffensive word for one thought to be offensive, harsh or blunt.
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