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  1. What is DECA's Mission?
    DECA's mission is to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.
  2. What are DECA's Core Values and Attributes?
    DECA's core values and attributes are competence, innovation, integrity, and teamwork.
  3. When was DECA Founded?
    DECA was founded in 1946.
  4. What kind of organization is DECA Inc.?
    DECA Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Student Organization.
  5. How many countries is DECA in?
    7 countries, and 2 U.S. Territories
  6. How many members are in DECA?
    Over 200,000 worldwide.
  7. Which countries is DECA in?
    The United States, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, and Mexico.
  8. What U.S. States have DECA?
    All 50 United States, as well as the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico.
  9. Who all recognizes DECA's programs?
    The United States Congress, The United States Department of Education, and the State, District, and International Departments of Education.
  10. What is the 2013-2014 State/National DECA Theme?
    Make It Count
  11. What is the shape of the DECA Emblem?
    A diamond.
  12. How long has the emblem been a diamond?
    The emblem has always been a diamond since DECA began.
  13. How many different forms of the diamond have there been?
    The DECA Diamond has been represented in five distinct forms.
  14. When was the newest version of the DECA Logo unveiled?
    At the 2010 International Career Development Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.
  15. What do the inner four points of the DECA Diamond Represent?
    The inner four points of the DECA Diamond represent the Guiding principles of DECA, which address the purpose of DECA's Comprehensive Learning Program.
  16. What are DECA's Guiding Principles? Hint-(PACI)
    • -Promotes Competition
    • -Applies Learning
    • -Connects to Business
    • -Integrates into Classroom Instruction
  17. What do the outer four points of the DECA Diamond Represent?
    The outer four points represent the results of DECA's comprehensive learning program.
  18. What does DECA Prepare the next Generation to be? Hint-(PACE)
    • -Professionally Responsible
    • -Academically Prepared
    • -Community Oriented
    • -Experienced Leaders
  19. How are DECA's Strengths and Achievements exemplified?
    Through the cooperation of the local advisor, school officials, students, parents, and business people working together.
  20. What is the purpose of DECA's Constitution?
    The high school division of DECA has a written constitution outlining important guidelines related to DECA’s name, organization, membership, operations and governance.
  21. What is the purpose of DECA's Bylaws?
    DECA’s written bylaws complement the DECA Constitution by providing additional rules for governance and operations.
  22. What is DECA's Congressional Advisory Board?
    A body made up of members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives who openly support the organization at the federal level.
  23. How many levels of DECA are there?
    There are Four levels of DECA.
  24. The first level of DECA.
    Chapters-operate at the local level.
  25. The second Level of DECA.
    State/Provincial Associations-hold the official DECA charter for their state, coordinate activities for chapters in their area and act as the connection between chapters and the regional and national levels.
  26. What is the third level of DECA?
    Regions- Every State/Province belongs to one of the four regions (Western, Southern, North Atlantic, and Central). Regions coordinate regional conferences and elect members to the DECA, Inc. Board of Directors.
  27. What is the fourth level of DECA?
    The National Level-comprised of the representatives of DECA, Inc., as well as the adult employees of the national headquarters in Reston, Virginia.
  28. How many original charter states were there?
    In 1948, 17 States first adopted the DECA Constitution and Official Name.
  29. What were the original Charter States?
    The original Charter States were Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.
  30. What is DECA Images?
    DECA’s official supplier of DECA materials, including competitive event materials, awards and DECA-branded apparel.
  31. What IS DECA Inc.?
    The legally recognized body responsible for governance of the organization. Each state and provincial association has at least one DECA, Inc. representative, but states/provinces are allocated additional representatives based on their percentage of total DECA membership.
  32. What is the DECA, Inc. Board of Directors?
    The elected leaders of DECA, Inc. The Board is comprised of two DECA, Inc. members from each region, the National Advisory Board chairperson, the Executive Director, and the marketing liaison from the Association of Career and Technical Educators.
  33. What is the Honorary Life Membership?
    The highest honor granted to individuals for their service to DECA. Honorary Life Membership is awarded at the State and National level.
  34. What is a Program of Work?
    A planning document used to set goals and define a detailed plan of action for an organization. A new Program of Work is developed each year by State and National Officers.
  35. How many types of competitive events areas are there in DECA?
    There are 9 Overall event areas.
  36. How many, and what events are in the Principles of Business Administration Events?
    • 4
    • Principles of Business Management and Administration-PBM
    • Principles of Finance-PFN
    • Principles of Hospitality and Tourism-PHT Principles of Marketing-PMK
  37. Individual Series Events?
    • 13
    • Accounting Applications-ACT
    • Apparel & Accessories Marketing-AAM Automotive Services Marketing-ASM
    • Business Finance-BFS
    • Business Services Marketing-BSM
    • Food Marketing-FMS
    • Hotel and Lodging Management-HLM
    • Human Resources Management-HRM Marketing Management-MMS
    • Quick Serve Restaurant Management-QSRM Restaurant and Food Service Management-RFSM
    • Retail Merchandising-RMS
    • Sports and Entertainment Marketing-SEM
  38. Team Decision-Making Events?
    • 7
    • Business Law and Ethics-BLTDM
    • Buying and Merchandising-BTDM
    • Financial Services-FTDM
    • Hospitality Services-HTDM
    • Marketing Communications-MTDM
    • Sports and Entertainment Marketing-STDM
    • Travel & Tourism-TTDM
  39. Operations Research Events?
    • 5
    • Business Services-BOR
    • Buying and Merchandising-BMOR
    • Finance-FOR
    • Hospitality and Tourism-HTOR
    • Sports and Entertainment-SEOR
  40. Written Chapter Team Events?
    • 6
    • Community Service Project-CSP
    • Creative Marketing Project-CMP Entrepreneurship Promotion Project-EPP Financial Literacy Promotion Project-FLPP Learn and Earn Project-LEP
    • Public Relations Project-PRP
  41. Business Management and Entrepreneurship Events?
    • 5
    • Entrepreneurship Written-ENW
    • International Business Plan-IBP Entrepreneurship-Growing Your Business-ENGB
    • Entrepreneurship Participating-Independent-ENPI
    • Entrepreneurship Participating-Franchising-ENPF
  42. Marketing Representative Events?
    • 3
    • Advertising Campaign-ADC
    • Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan-FMP Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan-SEPP
  43. Professional Selling Events?
    • 2
    • Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling-HTPS
    • Professional Selling Event-PSE
  44. Online Events?
    • 3
    • Stock Market Game-SMG
    • Virtual Business Challenge-Restaurant, Retail or Sports-VBCRS, VBCRT, VBCSP
    • H&R Block Dollars and Sense Challenge-DSC
  45. What does OLI stand for, and where and when was it last at?
    • OLI=Oregon Leadership Institute
    • November 10-11, 2013 in Sunriver, Oregon
  46. WRLC?
    • Western Region Leadership Conference
    • November 14-16, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona
  47. OrSCDC?
    • Oregon DECA State Career Development Conference.
    • February 23-25, 2014 in Portland, Oregon
  48. ICDC?
    • International Career Development Conference
    • May 2-7, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia
  49. Where was the 1st Interstate DECA Conference?
    1947 in Memphis, Tennessee
  50. Where is the National DECA Headquarters?
    1908 Association Drive, Reston, Virginia 20191
  51. Executive Director (National DECA)
    Dr. Ed. Davis
  52. High school Division Director (National DECA)
    Christopher Young
  53. National President?
    Carter Christensen
  54. Western Region Vice-President?
    Trevor Dickerson
  55. Oregon State President?
    Austin Damron
  56. Secretary/Treasurer?
    Kaleb Vickstrom
  57. Publicity Director?
    Kayla Daggett
  58. D1VP?
  59. D2VP?
    Bailey Boaz
  60. D3VP
    Janelle Bond
  61. When was Oregon DECA Active?
  62. Oregon DECA Board of Trustees?
    Sets Policies for Oregon DECA
  63. The DECA Connection?
    Official Oregon DECA Publication
  64. www.oregondeca.org?
    Oregon DECA Website
  65. Three Geographical regions?
    Districts I, II, and III
  66. CTSO's of Oregon?
  67. Number of Active Members (2012-2013)?
  68. CDC?
    Career Development Conference, a DECA Conference, which features competitive events.
  69. DECA Inc.?
    Adult Governing Body of National DECA.
  70. The DECA Inc. Board of Directors
    Sets the policies for national DECA.
  71. DECA Guide
    Contains the competitive event guidelines and DECA Images Catalog.
  72. DECA Dimensions
    Official National DECA publication.
  73. www.deca.org
    Web address for National DECA.
  74. Geographical Regions (4)
    North Atlantic, Western, Central, Southern.
  75. Levels (4)
    Local, Chartered Associations, Region, National
  76. Divisions (4)
    High School, Collegiate, Alumni, Professional.
  77. Collegiate DECA
    Postsecondary division of DECA.
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