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  1. B12 deficiency anemia in comparison to folic acid deficiency anemia
    inhibits folic acid transport and reduces DNA synthesis in precursor cells; precursor cells undergo improper DNA synthesis and increase in size leading to abnormal RBCs; B12 can result from poor absorption
  2. Multiple myeloma-what does lab look like (what protein)
    M protein (increased amount)
  3. Multiple myeloma-what happens with malignant cells and where are they
    malignant plasma cells are detected in the blood or urine as the M protein; complain of bone pain
  4. POC for multiple myeloma-what would you lay out for them
    no cure, dexamethasone can help, radiation can help with systemic tx like chemo; pain mgmt. is important, NSAIDS are OK, incidence increases with age; chemo is primary tx
  5. B12 deficiency anemia diet to increase
    bland soft smaller meals more frequently; organ meats, green leafy vegs, eggs, dairy
  6. Anemia diet
    ogan meats, beans, leafy green veggies, raisins, molasses; take with vitamin C to enhance absorption, should take on empty stomach
  7. B12 deficiency anemia signs and symptoms
    s/s usually develop slowly; difficulty maintaining balance; eat bland diet
  8. Pathologic mechanism of aplastic anemia
    bone marrow failure; deficiency of circulating RBCs because of BM not producing theml injury to hematopoietic precursor cell (pluripotent stem cell); see this along with neutropenia and thrombocytopenia
  9. Lab values for hemolytic anemia
    increase in reticulocyte, fraction of unconjugated bilirubin is increased, haptoglobin supply is depleted, plasma haptoglobin is decreased; low O2 circulating
  10. Sickle cell trait vs sickle cell disease
    disease-both parents have it; trait-one parent has it
  11. Sickle cell anemia-process of cells clotting intravascularly
    abnormal beta chains contract and pile together, assume a sickle shape, become rigid and clump together and form masses that obstruct blood flow; obstruction leads to further hypoxia and more sickling
  12. Sickle cell crisis-priority nursing dx-
    risk for infection and pain
  13. Hydroxyurea benefits sickle cell how
    fewer painful episodes, stimulates fetal Hgb F production and increase in that decreases sickling so less crisis
  14. Characteristics of breast cancer
    most common infiltering ductal carcinoma, tumor arises from duct system and invade surrounding tissue often forming mass
  15. What are you looking for on differential ct?
    neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils, band
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