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  1. How many mooring lines do we have onboard?
  2. How do we measure line?
  3. How do we measure wire rope?
  4. What is considered hawser line?
    5" or larger in circumference
  5. What has a higher breaking strength; double braid or three strand?
    double braid
  6. What is a capstan?
    A vertical drum, used as a mechanical advantage to heave around on line
  7. How many capstans do we have onboard?
  8. What is the purpose of a bit?
    Used to secure mooring lines on the ship, figure 8's
  9. What is a chock?
    Metal Fittings that serves as a Fair Lead for mooring line
  10. What type of chocks do we have onboard?
  11. What is the name of the forward most chock on a ship?
  12. What is a bullnose used for?
  13. How many types of replenishment at sea are there and what are they?
    • 3
    • Unrep, Vertrep, Conrep
  14. What is the standard unrep speed?
    12-16 knots
  15. What is the standard distance between the two ships during unrep?
    160-180 feet
  16. What color do the Rig Captains wear?
  17. What color does a signalman wear?
  18. What color does a phonetalker wear?
    green / ballistic (vest)
  19. What color does a gunners mate wear?
  20. What color does a winch operator wear?
  21. What color does a rigger wear?
  22. What color does safety wear?
    White with green cross
  23. What color does medical wear?
    White with red cross
  24. What is a P&D line?
    Phone and distance line
  25. What are the marker color codes on the P&D line?
    Green, red, yellow, blue, white, green (Go Rub Your Balls With Grease, GRYBWG)
  26. How many cargo stations do we have?
    • 4
    • 7, 9, 17, 19
    • (they are sliding padeye stations)
  27. What is the distance between markers on a P&D line?
    20 feet
  28. Where are cargo stations 7 and 9?
    HB2 in the overhead
  29. Where are cargo stations 17 & 19?
    HB3 in the overhead
  30. What does SURF stand for?
    Standard Underway Replenishment Fixture
  31. What wire is used on cargo stations?
  32. What station do we have to send fuel?
    21, via single probe, located at the khaki smoke pit
  33. What is the difference between a standard breakaway and an emergency breakaway?
  34. What does CDR stand for?
    Cargo Drop Reel
  35. What type of anchors do we have?
    MK2 Stockless
  36. How much do the anchors weigh?
    30 tons, 60,000 lbs
  37. How many shots are in each chain?
  38. How many feet are in a shot of chain?
  39. How many fathoms are in a shot?
  40. How long is one fathom?
    6 ft
  41. How do we determine the amount of chain paid out when anchoring?
    Multiply the depth of the water by 5-7 times
  42. What are the colors of the detachable links on the anchor chain?
    red, white, blue
  43. What does anchors aweigh mean?
    When the anchor leaves the sea floor
  44. How many RHIBs do we have?
  45. What does RHIB stand for?
    Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat
  46. How many life rafts are there?
  47. Who is on the boat crew?
    Coxswain, Boat Officer, Boat Engineer, SAR swimmer
  48. How long is the swimmer's tending line?
    300 yards
  49. How much weight do we apply on the monkey lines?
  50. What is the maximum speed for lowering and hoisting the RHIB?
    5 knots
  51. Name the lines on the RHIB:
    Fwd steady, Aft steady, Sea Painter, Lizard Line
  52. How long is the RHIB?
    7 meters
  53. Explain the castoff and recovery of a RHIB.
    • 1. Hook
    • 2. aft steadying line
    • 3. fwd steadying line
    • 4. Sea painter (lizard line is inside)
  54. How many boat booms do we have?
    2, used for securing small boats
  55. How many double probe fueling stations are there and what stations are they?
    • 3
    • located at stations 5, 11, and 13
  56. What do we use the stern dock for?
  57. What are the sound powered phones used for during unrep?
    Captain to Captain comms
  58. What is a gypsy head?
    Smaller capstan used for unrep only
  59. What is a tattle tail?
    6ft from eye of the line, breaks at 80% tension
  60. What holds the ship in place when anchored?
    The anchor AND chain
  61. Which is larger, the drag circle or the swing circle
    • Swing circle
    • Image Upload
  62. What does it mean to "dip the eye"?
    Place the eye of a second mooring line through the eye of the first, then secure it to the bollard
  63. Where can you find capstans?
    Where there are mooring lines
  64. How far away from deck equipment should you be while handling line?
    4-6 feet
  65. What does "avast" mean?
  66. Where the fueling stations?
    • 5 - Fwd sponson (deck house 2)
    • 11 - aft sponson (outside ADM P-way)
    • 13 - officer brow
    • 21 - khaki smoke pit
  67. What does STREAM stand for?
    Standard Tensioned Replenishment Alongside Method
  68. What are the green chem lights used for on unrep stations?
  69. Which wire is used during fuel transfer?
  70. What is a monkey line?
    Manrope used for personnel safety while raising and lowering the boat
  71. Who has complete authority of the crew that mans the RHIBs?
    The Coxswain
  72. Classify the mooring lines
    9" double-braided nylon
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