Events exam 1

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  1. Entrances and exits should always be
    Visible and obvious
  2. On which of the following should an event coordinator rely to identify expectations?
    Customer profile
  3. It provides a conceptual framework for all types of events.
  4. Every event is held for a reason, and each reason is based on some desired benefit.
  5. Why do facilities and catering operations have restrictions on what the guest may bring for consumption at an event?
    Liability concerns
  6. If attendees become immersed in the entertainment or activity, the event experience will be more ____.
  7. What will be the primary factor during menu planning?
    Type and style of the event
  8. What is the most important thing to provide attendees in order to facilitate a good arrival experience?
  9. An event experience should be ____.
  10. Every event is held to produce ____.
    Measurable outcomes
  11. What document would an event coordinator use to control the "could you just" syndrome?
  12. What type of chart is a Gantt chart also known as?
    Bar chart
  13. Pertains to the size of the event; the space required; the duration and the volume of materials, equipment, supplies, and suppliers.
  14. What would be the first item an event coordinator should develop when creating a flowchart for an event project?
    Work breakdown structure
  15. Production schedules are most often presented in which type of format?
    Scroll list
  16. Logical sequencing is based on the ____.
    critical path
  17. What is the feasibility analysis used to identify?
    Resource availability and allocation
  18. The goals and objectives for an event must be ____.
    prioritized by the client
  19. The event elements and components desired or required to meet the goals and objectives of the event.
  20. In order to create an effective timeline an event coordinator must learn to plan ____.
  21. Site selection is both a science and art.
  22. The principal reason an event coordinator needs a floor plan diagram is to ______.
    determine the use of space
  23. When designing a site or floor plan, the main considerations are placement, proximity, and _____.
  24. What does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) require an event to provide?
    Architectural and program accessibility
  25. What does an event coordinator use to determine the site specifications?
    needs assessment
  26. Sites in crime-ridden areas should not be considered when sourcing potential event sites.
  27. How does an event coordinator establish prioritized site selection criteria?
    Client consultation
  28. A site inspection is conducted to _____.
    verify and evaluate the space
  29. The layout of an event site can affect the ____.
    traffic flow within the event site
  30. With regard to planning the event site, the fire marshall will primarily be concerned with ____.
    evacuation capability
  31. When determining power needs, the event coordinator must consider ____.
    load and distribution
  32. How can traffic congestion caused by an event be mitigated?
    Timing the transit to and from the event
  33. What factor ensures the success of an event recycling initiative?
    Active pre-planing to reduce waste and reuse materials
  34. When using union labor, the event coordinator should direct on-site complaints to the shop steward
  35. How are designated parking areas determined?
    Proximity needs and preferential benefits
  36. A citywide convention will typically require ____.
    continuous shuttle service between hotels
  37. Access to electrical hookups is an important factor when determining the number of single unit portable toilets for an event.
  38. Loading areas for buses must be ____.
    well lit and apparent
  39. A union jurisdiction refers to the ____.
    specific function or geographic area represented
  40. What must the event coordinator analyze to determine peak parking demand periods?
    Arrival and departure patterns
  41. The key to customer satisfaction is to ____.
    establish expectations
  42. The admittance system is a ___.
    control system
  43. Social etiquette is one of the factors included when designing a seating plan?
  44. What factor best helps an event coordinator determine the proper number of admittance portals and personnel?
    Arrival mode
  45. How is customer service measured?
    Moment of truth interactions
  46. The protocol for forms of address and salutations is known as the Vienna Congress Accord.
  47. In what way does electronic marketing benefit an event?
    Expands the audience through redistribution
  48. What is the purpose of the accreditation system?
    Issue access credentials
  49. Which of the following attendee services should all events consider?
    Information stations
  50. Registration personnel should not have to ___.
    endure vulgar language
  51. Specifying the why, who, where, when, and what is key when planning an event. This happens during which stage of the event planning process?
    Goals and objectives
  52. Which of the following is a unique venue?
    Airplane hangar
  53. An event, any type of event, is held for a ____.
  54. It is the first dimension of an event experience created with the announcement of the event.
  55. It is a dimension of an event where food is for nutrition, nurturing, and human nature; and menu selection is based on palate and pocketbook
  56. Achievement of event objectives is primarily measured in financial terms
  57. There are different ways that a professional event coordinator can source site options.  Below are possible sources of event site options, which one is not a source?
    Classified ads
  58. Below are the top 3 types of sites where events are held in the United States, except:
    A house
  59. Several factors affect the search for potential sites or venue that can accommodate the event profile.  Which of the following is not a factor?
  60. It is a dimension of an event experience that relies on the physical environment where the venue is being used to the best advantage
  61. It is a dimension of an event experience where the professional event coordinator must provide clear navigation, directions and instructions to reach the meeting venue
  62. Below are the role and scope of event coordination except
    determine the expectation
  63. Site selection is both a science and an art simply because it is part ____ and part _____.
    investigation; intuition
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