Wildlife Test Review Censusing

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  1. Why would you use complete count?
    • species on an open range
    • species congregate in a certain area
    • small study area
  2. What is a population abundance?
    number of individual animals
  3. What is population density?
    number of individuals per unit area
  4. What is a census?
    complete count of all animals in a population
  5. What is a population estimate?
    approximation of the true population size based on sampling method
  6. What is a measure of how close a population estimate can be repeated?
  7. What is a measure of how close a population estimate is to the true population size?
  8. What is the difference between expected value and actual population size?
  9. What are drives?
    observers walk a line and count
  10. Why would you use territorial mapping?
    • birds/mammals that defend a territory
    • usually count males only
  11. What is an open population?
    individuals may move in and out of the population via births, deaths, emigration, or immigration
  12. What is a closed population?
    demographic and geographic closure; no births or deaths, emigration or immigration between sampling periods
  13. What is a population index?
    measures population compared to other measures of population in the same area
  14. What is the confidence interval?
    • CI
    • reliability of a population estimate
    • expressed as percentage
  15. How can you census animals?
    • complete counts
    • drives
    • territorial mapping
    • aerial surveys
    • remote sensing
    • ground transects
    • call counts
    • pellet-group counts
    • mark-recapture
  16. Why would you use an aerial survey?
    • rough or inaccessible terrain
    • common for elk, pronghorn, mule deer, bighorn sheep
  17. What is remote sensing?
    • use infrared sensors and cameras
    • used in certain situations
  18. What is a call count?
    • auditory index of population trends
    • used for birds
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