Wildlife Test Review population growth rates

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  1. Why is the intrinsic rate of increase useful?
    • predict results from management activity
    • hypothesize dynamics of a population
    • test hypothesis about population dynamics
  2. What are finite rates?
    • simple expressions of observed values
    • based on years
  3. What are instantaneous rates?
    • time base is very short rather than terms of a month or a year
    • more realistic to use
  4. What will any population have?
    • mean longevity or survival rate
    • mean birth rate
    • mean growth rate of individuals
  5. What is the intrinsic rate of increase?
    • exponential rate of increase for a population with a stable age distribution ¬†and no resources are lacking
    • provides a baseline
    • rm
  6. What influences the intrinsic rate of increase?
    age distribution
  7. If the number surviving and the number dying are fixed...
    each part of the population increases at the same rate.

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Wildlife Test Review population growth rates
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WLDM test

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