Chop's Entrees

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  1. Chris' Braised Short Rib
    • 18 oz
    • Braised until "fork tender"
    • Glazed with a hoisin BBQ 
    • Served with a port wine braising demi, sauteed rainbow swiss chard, parsnip whipped potatoes and garnished with a chipotle infused apple sauce and roasted sweet peppers
  2. Teriyaki Glazed Seabass
    • 8 oz
    • Seared seabass with a teriyaki glaze is placed a top of a fried coconut sticky rice cake
    • Baby bok choy leaves are steamed and laid down in a sauce of pineapple sweet and sour
    • A berry chow chow is placed on top of the seabass (this is a salsa mixture of fresh raspberry, tomato, blackberries, mango, mint, cilantro and sweet chili
    • Sauteed lobster meat is then placed on top of the salsa
  3. Cedar Plank Roasted Wild Salmon
    • 6.5 oz
    • Blackended salmon that is cooked on a cedar plank with a bourbon brown sugar glaze
    • Served with sauteed spinach, smashed cauliflower and a miso-lemon butter sauce
    • Garnished with papaya-tomato salsa
    • Ask Chef for location and type of salmon
    • Early dining portion is only 5oz
  4. Pan Seared Black Grouper
    • 6.5 oz (House Favorite)
    • Sauteed black grouper with a mushroom risotto, in a moderately spicy rock shrimp, tomato, garlic and white wine butter sauce
    • Made to order so little spice or much spice can be requested
    • Served with sprigs of asparagus and fried leeks
  5. Kurobuta Pork Chop
    • 14 oz
    • Pork chop that has been brined overnight
    • The pork is broiled like all our steaks and glazed with an apricot-whole grain mustard
    • Chipotle apple sauce is used as a design sauce
  6. Selection of Lamb
    • 3 cuts of Australian Lamb
    • 1) 1lb lamb shank which has been slowly braised with tomato, rosemary and red wine is placed on top of whipped potatoes
    • 2) 2 bone lamb rack that has a dijon bread crumb crust. Cooked to order and sliced in half
    • 3) A lamb loin that has been peppercon encrusted and cooked to order then sliced in half
    • The sauce is a port wine sundried cherry demi and a pesto of rosemary, crushed red pepper, thyme, garlic and sundried tomato oil
    • Our home made mint jelly is made with jalapeno and fresh mint
  7. Black Pepper Seared Tuna
    • 6.5 oz
    • Black pepper seared tuna that is sliced into 7-8 pieces
    • The spring roll has crab, mango, papaya, scallion, sweet chili and arugula
    • Served with a stir fry of shiitake mushrooms, asian herbs, spinach, pak choy, ginger, garlic and soy. With a sauce of white wine, yuzu and butter. Drizzled with pomegranate oil
  8. Steak and Tomatoes
    • 8 oz
    • Peppercorn encrusted dry aged sliced sirloin steak with heirloom tomatoes, artisanal cheeses and mixed greens
    • Served with aged balsamic, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt
  9. Chicken Piccata
    **Early Dining**
    • 6 oz
    • Chicken breast seared and tossed in a garlic, caper, white wine and lemon butter sauce
    • Served with fettuccine
  10. Parmesan Crusted Flounder
    **Early Dining**
    Filet of flounder crusted with itlaian bread crumbs and parmesan cheese flash fried and served over 6oz spaghetti pasta with a classic piccata sauce (lemon butter and capers) topped with olive oil poached tomatoes
  11. Blackened Tilapia
    **Early Dining**
    • 6 oz
    • Tilapia blackened with a brown sugar butter sauce and berry berry chow chow
    • Vegetables are butternut squash, spinach and quinoa
  12. Grilled Breast of Chicken
    **Early Dining**
    • x2 4 oz
    • Grilled chicken breast with fettuccine tossed with roasted wild mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, basil, spinach, artichokes and fresh goat cheese
    • Tossed in a goat cheese, lemon, butter sauce
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