MCJ 176: Current Events (3)

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  1. How many American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan?
  2. How many civilians does the United Nations say were killed in Afghanistan last year?
    2,959 civilian deaths
  3. What event will President Obama commemorate in June when he goes to France?
    70th anniversary of the D-Day landings
  4. Name the new U.S. Ambassador to China and the state he is from.
    • Max Baucus
    • Helena, Montana, U.S.
  5. An expansion of this canal, soon to be 100 years old, has been stopped because of a dispute. Name the canal.
    Panama Canal
  6. For the first time in history a member of this country's royal family has appeared in court as the subject of a criminal investigation. Name the country.
  7. A military transport plane with 78 people aboard crashed this week in this country:
  8. Name the five largest countries of the world in terms of land area
    (1) Russia

    (2) Canada

    (3) United States

    (4) China

    (5) Brazil
  9. Name the five largest countries of the world in terms of population.
    (1) China

    (2) India

    (3) United States

    (4) Indonesia

    (5) Brazil
  10. Voters in this European country narrowly voted to bring back strict immigration quotas.
    Name the country.
  11. A senior navy commander in this Middle Eastern country says its warships for the first time will sail close to U.S. maritime boundaries. Name the country.
  12. Name the French president.
    Fran├žois Hollande
  13. This country has suspended eight of its 10 consulates in the U.S. Name the country AND why it shut down the consulates.

    Local media alleged that they had issued illegal papers in exchange of payments of up to $50.
  14. These two nations have just held their first high-level talks since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949. Name the countries.
    China and Taiwan
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