micro chapter 3

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  1. what is a key characteristic that has the ability to enlarge objects
  2. what is a key characteristic that has the ability to show detail
    resolving power
  3. what is in most microscopes that results from an interaction between visible light waves and the curvature of a lens
  4. the objective lens forms the magnified what
    real image
  5. the real image is projected to the ocular where it is magnified again to form the what
    virtual image
  6. what of the final image is a product of the separate magnifying powers of the two lenses
    total magnification
  7. what is dependent on the capacity to distinguish or separate two adjacent objects
  8. in order to get the best resolution possible with a light microscope which do you want
    short wavelengths of light
  9. what is most widely used; specimen is darker than surrounding field; used for live and preserved stained specimens
    bright field
  10. what is brightly illuminated specimens surrounded by dark field; used for live and unstained specimens
    dark field
  11. what transforms subtle changes in light waves passing through the specimen into difference in light intensity, best for observing intracellular structures
    phase contrast
  12. what is a modified microscope with an ultraviolet radiation source and filter
    fluorescence microscope
  13. what microscope used dyes the emit visible light when bombarded with shorter UV rays
    fluorescence microscope
  14. what microscope is useful in diagnosing infections
    fluorescence microscope
  15. what microscope uses a laser beam of light to scan the specimen
    scanning confocal microscope
  16. what microscope integrates images to allow focus on multiple depths or planes
    scanning confocal microscope
  17. what microscope forms an image with a beam of electrons that can be made to travel in wavelike patterns when accelerated to high speeds
    electron microscope
  18. what microscope has electron waves that are 100,000 times shorter than the waves of visible light
    electron micriscope
  19. what microscope has magnification between 1 million time and 2 million times
    electron microscope
  20. what are the two types of electron microscopes
    transmission electron microscope (tem) and scanning electron microscope (sem)
  21. what electron microscope transmits electrons through the specimen
    transmission electron microscope
  22. what electron microscope has darker areas represent thicker, denser parts and lighter areas indicate more transparent, less dense parts
    transmission electron microscope
  23. what electron microscope provide detailed three dimensional view
    scanning electron microscope
  24. what electron microscope bombards surfaces of a whole, metal-coated specimen with electrons while scanning back and forth over it
    scanning electron microscope
  25. what specimen preparation allow examination of characteristics of live cells, size, motility, shape, and arrangement
    wet mounts and hanging drop mounts
  26. what specimen preparation are made by drying and heating a film of specimen
    fixed mounts
  27. what is stained using dyes to permit visualization or cells or cell parts
  28. what is the process of dyes that are used to create contrast by imparting color
  29. what are cationic, positively charged chromophore
    basic dyes
  30. what are anionic, negatively charged chromophore
    acidic dyes
  31. what surfaces of microbes are negatively charged and attract basic dyes
    positive staining
  32. what surfaces of microbe repels dye, the dye stains the background
    negative staining
  33. what staining uses only one dye, reveals shape, size, and arrangements
    simple stains
  34. what staining uses a primary stain and a counterstain to distinguish cell types or parts (e.g gram stain, acid-fast stain, and endospores stain)
    differential stains
  35. what staining reveals certain cell parts not revealed by conventional methods, capsule and flagellar stains
    structural stains
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