BCH 361 Exam 1 - Ch.2

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  1. Many biological molecules spontaneously undergo ___ into supra-molecular structures. example?
    • self-assembly
    • Ribosome
  2. Many multi-subunit complexes act as ___. Two examples?
    • molecular machines
    • Ribosome & Sarcomere
  3. The high density of proteins within the interior space of the cell leads to
    macromolecular crowding
  4. Gram +
    no outer membrane but peptidoglycan and plasma (inner) membrane
  5. Gram -
    outer membrane, peptidoglycan cell wall, and plasma membrane
  6. Outer membrane
    lipopolysaccharide . Endotoxin
  7. Image Upload 1
    • Nucleus
    • Nucleoli
    • Mitochondira
    • Rough E.R.
    • Smooth E.R.
    • Golgi Apparatus
    • Plasma membrane
  8. Nucleus characteristics
    • Contains the cells hereditary information,  DNA, and exerts a profound influence on cellular activities.
    • Directs the synthesis of protein cell components
    • Surrounded by the nuclear envelope of two membranes fused at nuclear pores where molecules and ions enter and leave the nucleus.
  9. Mitochondria Characteristics
    • The mitochondrion is responsible for aerobic respiration and ATP synthesis.
    • Double walled organelle
  10. Plasma Membrane Characteristics 
    • separates the eukaryotic cell from its external environment.
    • composed of lipids and protein
    • intercellular communication
  11. Smooth ER
    Lipid synthesis
  12. Rough ER
    production of membrane proteins and proteins for cell export.
  13. Golgi Apparatus
    packaging and distribution of cell products to both internal and external cell compartments.
  14. Nucleolus
    synthesis of ribosomal RNA.
  15. Lysosomes 
    contain digestive enzymes
  16. Peroxysomes
    formation and breakdown of peroxides
  17. Cytoskeleton
    Maintainence of cell shape
  18. Chloroplasts
    • convert light energy into chemical energy
    • thylakoid membrane is responsible for the metabolic function of the chloroplast
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