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  1. Accomplice
    (n) someaone who helps another person do something wrong or against the law
  2. Arouse
    (v) to awake or excite
  3. Barrage
    (n) an overwhelming quantity (usually having to do with words)
  4. Blackmail
    (n) the act of forcing someone to give you money or other favors by threatening to expose some secrets you know about them or (v) to subject somone to black mail
  5. Chagrin
    (n) a feeling of shame or regret
  6. Civil
    (adj) polite
  7. Commend
    (v) To praise
  8. Corpse
    (n) a dead, usually human, body
  9. Decoy
    (n) a person or thing used to lure something into a trap
  10. Discernment
    (n) sharpness of judgement and understanding
  11. Disregard
    (v) to ignore or not pay attention to
  12. Dub
    (v) to make someone knight by taping him on the shoulder with a sword; to nickname
  13. Dupe
    (v) to fool or trick or (n) someone who is tricked
  14. Emerge
    (v) to rise up (from underwater, usually); to come forth or come into existence
  15. Gloat
    (v) to show great pleasure, sometimes in a mean-spirited or unkind way
  16. Impartial
    (adj) fair; not favoring one side over another
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