Red Algae

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  1. Structure
    • Two genera unicellular
    • Some with an expanded thallus (leafliek and bladelie)
    • Some can be filamentous with a single branch or several filaments held together
    • Can be uninucleate, but some have several
  2. Stored food
    Stored food is floridean starch, located in the cytosol
  3. Motility
    No motility No flagella
  4. Location
    • Largely marine, some freshwater; abundant in tropical waters; many tend to favor warmer water as opposed to cold
    • Attached to a substrate; if they detach, they die; none are free-floating
  5. Life cycles
    Diplobiontic, isomorphic, and triphasic
  6. Pigments
    Contains chlorophyll a and phycobilins
  7. Cell wall
    Cell wall: made of cellulose embedded in a gel-like mixture of galactan polymers (which make agar and carrageenans available); contains hydrocolloids 

    • There are pores located between adjacent cells that are plugged up 
    • They deposit calcium carbonate in their cell wallsà corraline algae (contribute to coral reefs)
  8. Reproduction
    • Sexual and asexual reproduction
    • Sexual: alternation of generations
    • -          a halploid, gamete-producing gametophyte that produces spermatangia, which release spermatia
    • -          the female gate is the lower, nucleus-containing portion of a structure called the carpogonium
    • diploid, spore-producing sporophyte
  9. Human Relevance
    • Some precipitate calcium carbonate, causing reefs to occur
    • Reefs
    • Food source: nori (sushi wrappers)
    • Dulse
    • Agar: bases of culture/ thickener/  agarose: gel electrophoresis
    • Carrageenan: milk; thickener; from chondrus crispus
    • Production of terpenoids, which contribute to anti-cancer drugs 
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