Shoulder Pathologies- Lab

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  1. Impingement Tests:
    • Painful Arc
    • Neer
    • Hawkins-Kennedy
  2. Impingement:
    Acute Phase:
    • Mild stretches
    • Isometrics
    • Postural Adjustments
    • Thoracic Extension
  3. Mild stretches of which muscles is implemented in the Acute Phase of Impingement?
    • pec major
    • pec minor
    • levator scapulae
    • internal rotators
  4. Postural adjustments of the Acute Phase of Impingement treatment includes:
    • relaxing upper traps
    • scapular depresion
    • work on thoracic extension
  5. Impingement:
    Sub Acute Phase
    • Stretches with cross friction massage
    • Isometrics in multiple pain-free positions
    • Posteriolateral glide with active shoulder elevation
    • strengthen scapular stabilizers
    • scapular open-chain positions
    • closed-chain stabilization with hands at wall, table, or quadruped
  6. Impingement:
    Advanced Phase
    • Increase repetitive loading of patterns for 3-5 minutes
    • UBE
    • Increasing speed of stabilization exercises
    • plyometric training in open-closed chain patterns
    • specificity of training
    • Patient education-prior to exercise, massage involved tendon, follow with isometric resistance, complete full ROM and muscle stretching
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