Unit 8

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  1. Complacent
    • adj. smug satisfaction in a flawed situation
    • Ex: Kame realized Risu was becoming complacent with her cowardly nature.
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  2. Placebo
    • n. Something that causes a nice mental effect, with no physical effect
    • Ex: Whenever Kame was hurt, she used music as a placebo, despite it not really changing anything.
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  3. Placid
    • adj. calm/peaceful
    • Ex: She will not rest until they can live happy, placid lives.
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  4. Gratuitous
    • adj. Unnecessary or unwanted
    • Ex: Although she was touched by her friends' kindness, she felt that it was gratuitous.
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  5. Ingratiate
    • v. To gain someone's favor through false flattery
    • Ex: He tried to ingratiate Risu with false charm and fake concern.
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  6. Ingrate
    • n. One who is not properly thankful
    • Ex: She was being hardheaded, and acting like an ingrate for refusing to acknowledge our help.
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  7. Docile
    • adj. Easily taught/submissive
    • Ex: Risu did not have a docile nature, and was very stubborn and controlling.
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  8. Indoctrinate
    • v. To teach a specific opinion into
    • Ex: She felt as if we were indoctrinating the thoughts into her head.
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  9. Doctrine
    • n. that which is taught ; body of beliefs or ideas
    • Ex: I follow my own doctrine which isn't dictated by anyone else.
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  10. Temper
    • v. to decrease the strength of
    • Ex: I tried to temper her anger.
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  11. Temperance
    • n. restraint or moderation
    • Ex: Her temperance on emotions never ceases to amaze me.
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  12. Intemperate
    • adj. lacking moderation; extreme
    • Ex: My intemperate nature often leads me to over indulge.
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