533 - midterm

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  1. six major social sciences
    • 1. geography
    • 2. history
    • 3. civics (poli sci)
    • 4. anthro
    • 5. sociology
    • 6. economics
  2. why is social studies important?
    • prepare our youngsters:
    • as good citizens
    • take active roles
    • think critically about societal problems
    • make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good
  3. what are the major goals of social studies in elementary school? (3)
    • knowledge - about the world at large in the past, present, and future
    • skills - related to maps and globes
    • values and beliefs - core civic principles/democratic values
  4. overall, what is dynamic ss?
    • places Ss in a classroom environment that encourages them to discover the "young social scientist" within
    • geographer
    • historian
    • investigators
  5. 5 elements of dynamic ss?
    • respect for diversity
    • functional content
    • cross-curricular integration
    • intrinsic motivation
    • constructivism (teaching style)
  6. what do constructivists believe?
    • children build their own knowledge of the world as they attempt to establish connections between what they already know and what is new to them
    • teachers guide children as they navigate and learn
  7. what behavior is highest on the list for democratic citizens?
    thinking for themselves
  8. whats the "tourist approach?"
    teachers offer special activities or projects only when a significant holiday or observance comes up
  9. what is the contributions approach?
    • another label for the tourist approach
    • same shortcomings
    • most convenient
    • allows teachers opportunity to add ethnic content into the curriculum w/out investing time and effort into restructuring the entire content to be taught
  10. what is the additive approach?
    inserts several alternative ethnic perspectives and viewpoints into the traditional curriculum w/out doing major revision
  11. what is the transformative approach?
    • employs strategies that enable students to view concepts and issues from multiple points of view
    • infuses various perspectives and p.o.v. into the curriculum
  12. what is the social action approach?
    takes all the elements of the transformative approach and adds the component that requires Ss to take social action related to the concept being studied
  13. goal of multicultural ed?
    • prepare Ss with the knowledge, skills, and values required to participate as reflective citizens in a diverse, pluralistic society
    • delicate balance of diversity and unity
    • promote societal cohesiveness
  14. characteristics of culturally responsive teaching: (5)
    • establish a democratic learning community
    • begin with the "here and now" of the Ss lives
    • use numerous and varied instructional resources
    • use assorted instructional strategies
    • understand and recognize language diversity
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