Ch. 6 Layers of Epidermis

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  1. Bottom layer
    Stratum basale
  2. Second layer from bottom
    Stratum spinosum
  3. Third Layer
    Stratum granulosum
  4. Second layer from top
    Stratum lucidum
  5. Top Layer
    Stratum corneum
  6. Which layer of the epidermis are stem cells found and what kind of cells do they create?
    Deepest, the stratum basale

    Stem cells give rise to keratinocytes, which represents a great majority of epidermal cells
  7. What is the only layer in the epidermis that Melanoncytes are found and what do they produce? What is the purpose of this product?
    Deepest layer, the stratum basale.

    Melanin, brown to black pigment that gives the skin its color and shields DNA from UVA
  8. What do keratinocytes do with melanin granules?
    Keratinocytes phagocytize (eat) these fragments and accumulate melanin granules on the “sunny side” of the nucleus. This shields the DNA in the nucleus from UVA radiation
  9. Image Upload
    • –Dendritic
    • (Langerhans) cells

    • •Macrophages (immune cells) originating in bone marrow and migrate to epidermis and
    • epithelia of oral cavity; guard against pathogens

    •Found in stratum spinosum and granulosum

    •Stand guard against toxins, microbes, and other pathogens that penetrate skin
  10. Image Upload
    • –Tactile
    • (Merkel) cells

    •In basal layer of epidermis

    • •few in number, they are touch receptor cells associated with dermal nerve fibers
    • (anytime sensation is involved, must have a nerve fiber nearby to be
    • stimulated)
  11. What are the five types of cells in the epidermis?
    • Stem cells
    • Keratinocytes
    • Melanocytes
    • Tactile cells
    • Dendritic (Langerhans cells)
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