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  1. Kappa Flower
    • 1. Trailing Arbutus
    • 2. Carnations (current)
  2. Kappa Colors
    Crimson and Creme
  3. Who else has colors
    Indiana University
  4. Official Magazine
    The Journal
  5. Original number of men for frat
  6. Kappa first name
    • Kappa Alpha Nu  (1910)
    • Official Date Jan 5, 1911 (group became permnant).
  7. What date was Kappa Alpha Psi incorporated.
    April 15, 1915
  8. What is the date Kappa was chartered or incorporated
    • Aprill 11, 1911 (Filed)
    • May 15, 1911 (Transaction completed)
  9. Significant of Journal
    1st Negro publication produced by any black greek organization.
  10. 1st Alumni Chapter
    1919 Chicago Chapter
  11. Kappa main goal
    Achievement.  Achievement in any field of endeavor.
  12. 1st Meeting place for Kappa
    Molly Spaulding house (basketball)
  13. Founding city of Kappa
    Bloomington, Indiana
  14. 1st Editor of the Journal
    Elder Watson Diggs
  15. What bible book do the Kappas lean on
    Proverb Chapter 3
  16. How many verses in Kappa bible chapter do the Kappa's lean on
  17. Why did the Kappa's pick the bible book?
    Because the divine wisdom of King Solomon.
  18. Where was the first Grand Chapter meeting?
    At home of Mr and Mrs William Proffett.
  19. What ws address of 1st frat house
    721 Hunter, Bloomington Indiana
  20. What date did Kappa Alpha Nu become Kappa Alpha Psi
    • April 15, 1915
    • (Tax day)
  21. Who was the youngest founder?
    Edward Giles Irvin
  22. Which founder was a caterer?
    Paul Waymond Cain
  23. Which Founders served in Miltary
    • Elder Watson Diggs
    • Marcus Peter Blakemore
    • Edward Giles Irvin
    • John Milton Lee
  24. Which founder taught at the Lincoln Institute of Jefferson City?
    Henry Turner Asher
  25. What year did Indiana University approve the building of a frat house on the campus?
    July 7 , 1954
  26. WHen was the on campus frat house ceremony
    August 1961
  27. Undergraduate Chapters are designated by?
    Greek letter
  28. Alumni Chapters are designated by?
  29. The guide right program was started where and by who?
    • St Louis (1922)
    • Lewis
  30. THe Kappa League was started where and when
    • Los Angles Chapter (1969)
    • Mel Davis
  31. The purpose of the guide right program?
    To assist high school seniors identify and select useful career.
  32. Kappa National Service program is
    Guide Right or Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation
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