HR administration

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  1. What is diversity?
    The human characteristics that make people different from one another
  2. Managing diversity is…
    A strategic initiative designed to capitalize on an organization’s diverse talent pool.

    • Different from Human Rights 
    •        Illegal to discriminate in employment on the prohibited grounds

    • Different from Employment Equity
    •     Affirmative action programs to increase employment opportunities of women, people with disabilities, Aboriginals, visible minorities
  3. Diversity vs. Employment Equity
    • Employment Equity
    • - Involves only four designated groups
    • - Not legislated in Ontario
    •  - To undo past employment discrimination

    • Diversity
    • - Concept for ALL employees
    • - Voluntary initiative
    • - As a strategic advantage to reach business results
  4. Why manage diversity?
    Workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse
  5. Benefits of Diversity In the workplace
    Increased productivity

    Decreased turnover

    Reduced costs

    Enhanced teamwork

    Better decisions

    Fewer discrimination suits

    Better able to relate to customers’ needs

    Improved reputation of the business

    Advantages re globalization
  6. Goal of any diversity strategy
    Creation of an equitable or fair employment system in order to improve the bottom-line.
  7. Challenges in managing diversity
    Backlash/reverse discrimination

    Balancing individual needs with group fairness

    Coping with resistance to change




    Political correctness
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