Contemporary Artist - 10 Most Important

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  1. Yaacov Agam

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    *New museum under construction on Israel.

    *One man retrospective at the Guggenheim museum.

    *Commissioned by the president of France to create "Elysee Salon".

    *Sold at auction for $690,000.

    *“Father of Kinetic Art” & creator of the “Agamograph”.

    *Prestige artwork; Famous & Valuable artist.
  2. Emile Bellet

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    *Paints with a palette knife, no brush.

    *Windows of the church “Notre Dame de Bon Voyage” in France.

    * “less is more” philosophy in his use of color, and simplicity of composition.

    *Self-taught artists and excels at lithography painting women with no faces, representing the universal woman.

    *Prestige & Exclusivity artwork, Famous & Valuable artist.
  3. Romero Britto

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    *Commissioned by Absolut Vodka to design their 25th Anniversary bottle.

    *Shown in more than 140 galleries nationwide and collected by Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andre Agassi, the Kennedys and the Vatican and exhibited at the Louvre twice.

    *The New York Times says that his style “exudes warmth, optimism and love”.

    *His unique fusion of Pop Art and Cubism.

    *Affordability in a limited edition artwork, Famous & Valuable artist.
  4. Duaív

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    *French artist, began career at the age of 3. He completed his first oil painting at the age of 9.

    *Painted the sides of two buses on the 50th Anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, later awarded by the Prince of Denmark.

    *His family moved to the coast of France, which inspired Duaív’s love of boats and coastal scenery.

    *His work is uplifting, cheerful and colorful working with various palette knives, tiny brushes, and his fingers to create texture and blended colors.

    *Prestige & Exclusivity artwork; Famous & valuable artist.
  5. Thomas Kinkade

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    *In more than 10 million homes across the US and the world.

    *Awarded “Lithograph of the Year” for 9 consecutive years. Painted  Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary.

    *Is known as the “The Painter of Light.” 

    *Paint with symbolism; the lights in the home and the smoke in the chimneys represent the warmth and welcoming of family.

    *Famous & valuable artist; Affordability in a limited edition.
  6. Anatole Krasnyansky

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    *Worked as a scenic artist in: motion pictures, theater and television. 

    *He elevate the watercolor medium to oil painting.

    *Paint on a Japanese rice paper to create a unique texture.

    *Two different styles: cityscapes and an abstract style with masks, musical themes, and vivid colors.

    *Famous & valuable artist; Prestige & Exclusivity artwork.
  7. Linda Le Kinff

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    *Influences by Braque, the drawing of Matisse and the elegance of Modigliani.

    *Official artist of the World Cup and the Kentucky Derby.

    * Italy is the place where she found herself as a painter working without a model, inspired from traveling, her dreams and imagination. 

    *Her subjects include people caught in an intimate moment, and couples elegantly dressed.

    *Famous & valuable artist; Prestige & Exclusivity artwork.
  8. Peter Max

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    *Can be found in over 100 museums and galleries worldwide and on a variety of canvases, like the Berlin Wall, a Boeing 777 and the hull of the Norwegian Breakaway. 

    *Official Artist for 5 Super Bowls, U.S. Tennis Open, painted portraits of the last six U.S. presidents including Barack Obama. Also the Dalai Lama and Mikhail Gorbachev.

    *Early in his life, Max fell in love with three things: comic books, movies, and jazz – all uniquely American.

    *After 18 year retreat his palette became softer and more diverse, his strokes became broader and textured. Began to develop new imagery like: The Umbrella Man, American icons, especially the Statue of Liberty.

    *Prestige & Exclusivity artwork; Famous & valuable artist.
  9. Itzchak Tarkay

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    *The most difficult part of his painting is realizing when a work is complete. To him, the works were never done. 

    *Recognition at the International Art expo in New York and 3 hardcover books have been written on his art.

    *He said it’s impossible to describe my technique. “Can you explain your own handwriting?”.

    *Inspired by French Impressionism the color of Matisse and the drawing of Toulouse-Lautrec his artwork is dominated by pictures of women who are well-dressed and seated in interiors or terraces.

    *Famous & valuable artist; Prestige & Exclusivity artwork.
  10. Tim Yanke

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    *Inspired by great abstract painters of the 20th century like DeKooning, Kandinsky, Pollack.

    *In his first exhibition at 23 years old, sold 23 of the 26 exhibited paintings.

    *Passionate for Native Americans, the Southwest USA & rock and roll.

    *He has no pre-conception when he works and create his artwork spontaneously. He focuses on bright color palettes on his energetic work of art.

    *Best time to collect him; Prestige & Exclusivity artwork.
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