Lines Prologue

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  1. Prologue. First lines:
    Help! Someone, please, help. I am in dire straits and in need of rescue! I am in need of assistance! Help! Help!
  2. Villain: Cry out all you want, my pretty! You are mine! All mine! Now, will you marry me, or do I throw you to the crocodiles?
    Never! By my father's saintly memory, I shall never be yours. I love another.
  3. Villain: You mean, there's someone else?
    There has to be.
  4. Villain: Then you will pay!
    No, no, someone save me! Help me! Someone save me! Oh please! Help me! Somebody! Anybody! Save me!
  5. Hero: Unhand that fair damsel, you fiend!
    My hero! Late, but here!
  6. Hero: Now you are free, my darling!
    My hero!
  7. Hero: My love!
    Thank you, thank you for all your kind ovation.
  8. Harry: I would like to say something to our lovely leading lady. Lullaby, I want to ask you here and now and in front of the whole world... will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?
    Oh! Why, this is so sudden!
  9. Harry: You can take your time in answering.
  10. Harry: Shut up! Lullaby!
    I'm sorry, but I will not marry you. The thought repulses me, but I'll let him down gently. You see, this is my last appearance on the legitimate stage.
  11. Harry: Legitimate stage?
    After tonight, I will follow my heart. I shall no longer be just a great actress.
  12. Hero: Great?
    I have taken a post someplace far away from here. I shall be... a teacher! So, good-bye! Good-bye, all! Good-bye!
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