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  1. A digital alarm communicator transmitter (DACT) seizes telephone line when trasnmitting signals:
  2. Fire alarm systems using a DACT will use telephone line AND:
    Second line, cell connection, approved radio system
  3. Minimum number of telephone lines a digital alarm communicator receiver (DACR) shall have:
  4. Time internal in hours that DACT shall transmit signals to the DACR:
    24 Hours
  5. DACT's are programmed to all a second DACR telephone number if first is unreachable:
  6. What signal type has the highest priority:
  7. Can you use call forwarding with DAR telephone lines:
  8. Are ground start telephone lines acceptable as primary telephone lines for DACT use:
    No, cant be properly supervised.
  9. What is the maximum time between initiating of alarm at protected premises and display at the supervising office:
    90 Seconds.
  10. Is there a limit of how many DACT's can communicate with the DACR's"
    Yes, depends upon number of phone lines and # of communicators
  11. A single DACR can back up how many DACR's:
  12. Can you use WATS or long distance lines for DACR telephone lines:
  13. DOes the DACR supervise the incoming phone lines for loss of voltage?
    Yes, failure of lines will be enunciated visually and audibly.
  14. Does the DACT supervise both phone lines being used to transmit signals to the remote monitoring station?
  15. What is referred to as the National Electric Code:
    NFPA 70
  16. What is referred to as the National FIre Alarm Code?
    NFPA 72
  17. What UL standards covers the installation of burglar alarms:
    UL 681
  18. Does the word 'Should' when used in code mean mandatory?
    No, a recommendation.
  19. TIA/EIA relates to:
    Structured Wiring.
  20. Shall:
  21. Who has final say on Fire Alarm Installation:
    AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction
  22. Do codes and standards have same meaning>
  23. THe ADA is law, does it have effect on codes?
    Yes, American w/disabilities may affect type, location, notification, door-release.
  24. Do ionization type smoke detectors respond faster to smoldering fires than photoelectric respond:
  25. Thermal Lag:
    The diff between the operating room temp. of a device and the actual air temp.
  26. How do you reset a non restorable heat detector:
    You cant they are destroyed when activated.
  27. IS "T" Tapping of non addressable devices permitted?
    No, it does not provide complete supervision of cabling, connections and device.
  28. Manual Fire Alarm pull stations are located how far away  from the doorway:
    5 Feet
  29. Are cane type water flow detectors commonly used on sprinkler systems:
    No, they are used on wet sprinkler systems.
  30. Are all approved manual fire alarm pull stations single action:
  31. What is a PIV:
    A sprinkler system with a valve located below ground level, and a actuator and indicator about ground level.
  32. Is heat detector spacing reduced when the ceiling height exceeds 10 feet:
    Yes according to NFPA 72.
  33. Smoke detectors shall not be installed when:
    Temps are -32 or about 100 deg. humidity is above 93% air velocity is greater than 300ft per sec
  34. Manual pull station activators shall be at what height:
    3.5 to 4.5 ft about floor
  35. Which NFPA standards covers wiring requirements:
    NFPA 70.
  36. What is NFPA 72:
    National Fire Alarm Code.
  37. What is the max. water flow switches permitted to be connected to a single initiating device:
    5 Five
  38. What is the max number of supervisory devices permitted to be connected to single initiating device circuit:
    20 Twenty
  39. What is the requirement for smoke in new 1& 2 family dwellings:
    all sleeping rooms, outside of each separate sleeping area, each level of dwelling.
  40. How are attachment devices supported:
    independently of their attachment to the circuit conductors.
  41. A ceiling is considered smooth if uninterrupted by solid joists, beams, or ducts which extend no more than:
  42. What is an example of a smoke detector:
    Cloud chamber, Ionization, Photoelectric.
  43. Do detectors need to be installed in concealed areas above suspended ceilings when being used as return air plenum:
    NO, as per NFPA 90A.
  44. What spacing reduction factor is used to calculate the location of a heat detector when the ceiling height is 15 feet:
  45. What is the mounting requirement when mounting smoke detectors on a sidewall:
    4-12 inches from ceiling down to top of detector
  46. How often are ionization detectors tested:
  47. What codes are considered when designing a fire alarm system:
    NFPA 70, NFPA 72, NFPA101
  48. Which article of the National Electric Code addresses fire alarm systems:
  49. When selecting SLC cables, what should be considered:
    Environment, Resistance of Cable, Capacities of cable.
  50. What does ADA stand for;
    Americans with Disabilities Act.
  51. What are advantages of addressable FASs:
    alarm/trouble notification by device, reduced cabling, combining input and output devices on a single loop.
  52. What do analog addressable systems allow smoke detectors to do:
    Notify control if their sensitivity drifts outside the proper range.
  53. How are addressable fire alarm indicating devices connected"
    They are connected to the SLC
  54. Is the internet approved for remote fire alarm monitoring:
  55. What do all addressable smoke detectors have:
    A unique address
  56. In addressable FAS's control modules are connected to what:
  57. If an elevator lobby smoke detector is activated, where is the elevator sent to:
    Alternate floor.
  58. What does the elevator shunt trip do:
    Stop an elevator even if it is between floors
  59. What are output modules used for:
    Shut down HVAC systems, control elevators, control smoke doors and dampers.
  60. All devices shall be located and mounted so that jarring vibration will not cause accidental operation:
  61. All extinguishing systems having automatic detection equipment for activation must also have what:
    Means for manual activation
  62. Supervised & automatic fire detection & sprinkler system doors must:
    Unlock upon activation of fire detection & sprinkler, loss of power, release within 15 seconds after 15 lbs of force is applied for more than 3 seconds.
  63. Additional manual fire alarm stations shall be located:
    The horizontal distance shall not exceed 200 feet.
  64. Fire alarm system installation, wiring or other transmission path shall be monitored for integrity:
  65. THe failure of a DACT transmission channel requires:
    Trouble signal be sent over the other channel within 4 minutes.
  66. SPare DACR's in the supervising station must be able to be switched in place of a failed unit within:
    30 seconds.
  67. The maximum area of a smoke compartment shall not exceed:
    30,000 square feet.
  68. No dimension of a smoke compartment shall exceed:
    300 Feet.
  69. The standard fire alarm notification signal intended for evacuation shall be:
    0.5 sec on, 0.5 sec off, 0.5 sec on, 0.5 sec off repeated.
  70. The auxiliary fire alarm relay controlling an emergency control device shall be located:
    no more than 3 ft from the device and the wiring between monitored for integrity.
  71. Are cable marked FPLP suitable for use in plenums?
  72. Cables used normally fro fire alarm circuits are marked:
  73. The power source for a power limited fire alarm circuit shall be:
    Class 3 transformer, fire alarm control panel w/integral power source, class 3 power supply, listed PLFA transformer or power supply.
  74. What is a hunt group:
    Group of associated telephone lines in which an incoming call is automatically routed to an idle telephone line for completion.
  75. Fire alarm circuit cables shall be separated from conductors for power, electric, at least:
  76. Elevator smoke detectors shall be capable of initiating elevator recall when:
    All other devices on the same initiating device circuit have been placed in alarm condition.
  77. All points on a 8ft high ceiling hsall have a detector within:
    70% of the listed spacing.
  78. A ceiling surface is defined as beam construction when:
    Solid or non-solid structural members protrude downward from the ceiling no more than 4 inches, and are spaced more than 3 ft center to center.
  79. What is required to be performed after a service call involving a single initiating device.
    A complete system re-acceptance test.
  80. When a DACT is programmed to call a DACR with a call forwarded telephone number, what shall be provided?
    A means to test that line every 4 hours.
  81. Can a cell phone be used in addition to a POTS line for a Fire Alarm DACT:
  82. In public mode system the audible notification will be:
    15 db above the average ambient sound level.
  83. How frequently does a Fire Alarm DACT send signals to the DACR:
    Every 24 Hours.
  84. One spare DACR is permitted to serve as a back up for how many DACR's:
  85. How far from doorway shall manual fire alarm pull station be:
    5 ft.
  86. Are vane type water flow detectors used on dry sprinkler systems?
  87. Auto fire pumps shall be supervised in accordance with:
    NFPA 20
  88. Two types of fire alarm circuits:
    Non-power limited Fire Alarm (NPLFA) & Power Limited Fire Alarm Circuits (PLFA)
  89. What is the minimum spacing distance between high voltage and low voltage conductors:
    2'' Minimum.
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