History of Medicine 3rd exam

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  1. Andreas Vesalius
    “The Fabric of Human Body”
  2. Calancha
    Use of chinchona bark for malaria.
  3. Marcelo Malphigi
    Described capillary anastomosis between the small arteries and veins.
  4. Thomas Sydenham
    Published first work on fevers.
  5. Leeuwenhoek
    Father of Protozoology and Bacteriology
  6. James Lind
    Lemon Juice as cure for scurvy
  7. Giovanni Morgagni
    Father of Pathology
  8. William Heperden
    Description of any given angina pectoris
  9. Thomas  Morton
    Use of ether as general anesthesia at the Massachusetts General Hospital 10/16/1846
  10. Herman von Helmhotz
    Invented ophalmoscope and opthalmometer.
  11. Robert Graves
    Described Hyperthyroidism in women
  12. William Stokes
    Paroxysmal Tachycardia
  13. Austin Flint
    Described the characteristic diastolic murmur at the apex in aortic regurgitation.
  14. Rudolf Virchow
    Creator, modern science of pathology, author of cellular pathology
  15. Claude Bernard
    Demonstrated to role of pancreatic juice in digestion
  16. Louis Pasteur
    Proved that heating of wine and beer to 50-60 degrees Celsius for a short time can prevent spoilage.
  17. Joseph Lister
    Use of Carbolic spray for compound fracture
  18. Robert Koch
    • Bacteriological research by
    • developing the culture media to grow pure culture of microorganisms.
  19. Patrick Manson
    Discovered malarial parasite in the blood of malarial patients.
  20. Augustus Waller
    Recorder, first human electrocardiogram using a capillary electrometer.
  21. William Konrad Roentgen
    Discovered X-rays
  22. Marie Curie
    Won 2nd Nobel Prize in 1911 for isolating Ra
  23. Sigmund Freud
    Oedipus complex or infantile sexuality.
  24. James Mackenzie
    Milestone in the history of heart disease with the invention of polygraph to record arterial and venous pulses.
  25. Karl Landsteiner
    Described 3 types of human blood A, B, O.
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