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  1. pressure one gas produces in a mixture of gasses proportional to it's concentration
    partial pressure
  2. Total pressure exerted by a mixture of gasses, is equal to the sum of the partial pressure of the gasses of the mixture.
    Dalton's law
  3. cells in the ventral portion of medulla that respond to changes ph levels, primarily increased carbon dioxide
    central chemoreceptors
  4. monitors changes in oxygen levels in arterial blood and stimulated by decreased oxygen when it reaches 50% of normal
    peripheral chemoreceptors
  5. prevents overinflation of the lungs
    HeringBaur reflex
  6. too shallow or too slow breathing;the body's carbon dioxide level rises.
  7. regulates the depth of breathing
    inflation reflex/HeringBaur reflex
  8. airways are inflamed and easily collapsible. Obstructs airflow. COPD
    obstructive lung disease
  9. abnormally deep or prolonged breathing which lowers blood co2 below normal. Alveolar ventilation of carbon dioxide exceeds body's production of carbon dioxide.
  10. deficiency of oxygen in the tissues
  11. blockage, usually a blood clot in the arteries of the lungs
    pulmonary embolus
  12. low concentration of hydrogen in the blood
  13. alkalosis
    ph above 7.45
  14. acidosis
    ph below 7.35
  15. respiratory process that causes academia. A condition that occurs when the lungs cannot remove all carbon dioxide produced
    respiratory acidosis
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