Basic concepts

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  1. What is thermodynamic?
    The study of transformation of energy
  2. What is energy?
    The capacity to do work
  3. What is work?
    Is what done to achieve motion against an opposing force.
  4. As temperature of a gas increasing, what happens to the energy? and if the temperature decreases?
    • -Temp of the gas inc-> More energy
    • -Temp of the gas dec-> less energy
  5. What kind of system exchange both energy and matter with surrounding?
    Open sys
  6. What kind of sys exchange only energy?
    Close sys
  7. What kind of sys exchange neither energy nor matter?
    Isolated sys
  8. ____ is the process of transferring energy as result of temp different b/w sys and surrounding
  9. What is used to define state of a sys and determine the direction of energy flow?
  10. What is the term given to wall that permit heat transfer?
  11. What is the term given to wall do not permit heat transfer?
  12. What is exothermic?
    Sys releases energy(heat)
  13. What is endothermic?
    energy (heat) going to a sys
  14. T/F. Work done by sys is positive?
    False, negative
  15. T/F. Work done on the sys is positive
  16. T/F. Heat applied to the sys is negative.
    False, positive
  17. T/F Heat release from a sys is positive.
    False, negative
  18. What kind of work when sys expand against opposing pressure?
    Expansion work
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