Contemporary Artist - G to M

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  1. Alfred Gockel 

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    *Ambidextrous Action Painter.

    *Sold Over 100 Million posters & open editions.

    *Commissioned by the US Olympic committee to create art for the 2006 Olympics.

    *Influence by Dali, Miro & Picasso.

    *His Work is instantly recognizable as "Gockel"
  2. Scott Jacobs

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    *He has the honor of being the first ever officially licensed Harley Davidson artist. He is also licensed by the Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley estates.

    *He is in the collection of Malcolm Forbes.

    *He uses a brush with a tip the size of a pencil point to create the details that render his work photo-realistic.He is a masterof reflective surfaces and light.
  3. Robert Kipniss

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    *He is a master of the medium of Mezzotint. My art is of intensity, of delving, of exploring the soul.”

    *His work is displayed in over 30 museums around the world, including The British Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum of Artin NYC, the Smithsonian, and the Art Institute of Chicago.  

    *He is known for his stark, moody drawings. The subject matter of his works include austere tree limbs, modest houses in simple shapes,and shadowy interior scene – and are always devoid of people.
  4. Fanch Ledan

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    *Create combinations of locations that cannot exist in reality.

    *More than 50 one-man shows including exhibitions at Champs-Elysees in Paris and the Pantechnicon Gallery.

    *He often pays homage to his favorite artists by inserting their works into his “Interiorscapes.” 

    * “Changes” reality to create his own “imaginary” world. 

    *Drawing first in pencil on his canvas, then use a large brush to paint the background and smaller brushes for the details.

    *Famous & valuable artist; Prestige & Exclusivity artwork.
  5. Charles Lee 

    Image Upload 9Side by Side City
    *He has always been passionate about music. It is the inspiration behind many of his musically themed art works today. 

    *His work can be classified into two distinct styles – his traditional works often feature women, musical themes and a romantic tone, while his contemporary works are often bright with bold and vivid colors.

    *He has a predilection for a bright and eye-catching palette that demonstrates his intense sense of color; yet in spite of vibrant imagery he presents his subjects in a calm reflective and almost ethereal way.
  6. Leslie Lew

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    *Her underlying themes are childhood memories and growing up in America, examining American culture and how it reflects on our tastes.

    *She had her first solo show in New York City and been exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum and Art Basel in Miami. 

    *She paints in a technique she called “Sculpted Oils,” using thick, rich swirls of vivid color to capture the essence of what she depicts.
  7. Nano Lopez

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    *He studied at The Rembrandt Academy and National University in Bogata, Spain.

    *In Madrid he first began working with bronze, and he held his first one man show. Years later he worked and showed his sculptures across France. 

    *His bronze sculptures are created using the Lost Wax Process. The unique and time-consuming patinas are applied by hand to emphasize surface details, patterns and textures. His “Nanimals”engage viewers of all ages and reflect a sense of playfulness, intense creativity, and wonder.
  8. Csaba Markus

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    *Renaissance artist of our time.

    *Displayed in prestigious art galleries in the United States, England, France, Russia, and Japan.

    *Unique style, a fusion of Renaissance and Classical Mythology, not to please the eye but to shake the soul of the viewer. 

    *He paints images of women who are smart, confident, beautiful, but also sophisticated and strong both as mortal woman and as mythological goddess. 

    *Famous & valuable artist; Prestige & Exclusivity artwork.
  9. Felix Mas

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    *He was born in 1934 in Barcelona, Spain and today divides his time between Barcelona and the United States.

    *He frequently depicts women representative of the Four Seasons. 

    *He is best known for capturing ideal visions of femininity in his lush, exquisite oil paintings and graphic works, expressively showing the tender beauty of women.
  10. Marko Mavrovich

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    *He is self-taught and turned to painting full time later in life.

    *Influence by impressionist masters Monet and Renoir.  

    *His home country of Croatia where find the inspiration behind many of his Mediterranean themed artworks.

    *The ability to own beautiful original impressionist artwork from a contemporary artist.
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