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  1. Igor Medvedev

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    *He is inspired by the light and history of the Mediterranean often traveling and painting on location.

    *The viewer is drawn into a world dominated by serene beauty, balance and order. There is a sense of timelessness and familiarity.

    *His theme is ecology and his vision is to preserve ancient cities, strong clean forms and dramatic use of light and shadow are the hallmark of his style - lending serigraphy as the perfect medium for his graphic editions.
  2. Anatoly Metlan

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    *Born in the Ukraine grew up with a love of art and painting with both parents artists.

    *Participated in group and solo exhibitions in France, Israel and US. Art Expos in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

    *He began exhibiting his work while in college; accepted to the Artists Guild of the Ukraine.

    *Italy and France are reflected in the warmth, light, and bold vibrant colors he captures from the seascapes and villages of their coastal regions.

    *Best time to collect; Prestige & Exclusivity artwork.
  3. Michael Milkin
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    *He was born in the Ukraine and trained and worked as an Architect. 

    *He kept painting throughout his life, eventually taught fine arts and had his work exhibited in art shows throughout Ukraine,France, and Germany. 

    *He concentrates on still life and landscapes, which he paints dramatically with thick, expressive brushwork and brilliant colors.
  4. Marcel Mouly

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    *Up until 2008, He was the last living artist to have worked alongside Picasso. Having created a unique, trademark style.

    *His work has been exhibited all over the world, including in the permanent collections of more than 20 museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in Japan, and Paris’ Bibliotheque Nationale.  

    *Park West offers an extraordinary collecting opportunity for Mouly’s lithographs, as Park West exclusively published Mouly’s lithograph editions for the last 10 years of his life.
  5. David Najar
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    *Modern world is so busy that everyone should slow down. “You don’t need to travel far to see something worthwhile.”

    *Group exhibits and one-man shows in Isreal, the United States and Canada. 

    *Emerging international artist working alongside Itzchak Tarkay.

    * “Contemporary Expressionism” His works describing scenes from nature. Feeling of deep space in his landscapes.

    *Best time to collect; Prestige & Exclusivity artwork.
  6. Peter Nixon

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    *He draws inspiration from the Renaissance master paintings by studying Leonardo Di Vinci’s drawings and recreate a style based on his “sfumato” or smoky composition. 

    *He is deeply steeped in art history and is a master draftsman. His imagery deals with the concepts of instantaneous expression and gesture, romance, music, dance and poetry.  

    *The dynamism and movement of the human figure is something he tries to portray. He’s trying to capture that energy in his work.
  7. Dominic Pangborn

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    *He believes that art should reflect a current mood, expression and a point in time. 

    *Published in Playboy and exhibited i Detroit Institute of Art. 

    *Today His art is incorporated into fashion and home décor.

    *He established his own fashion label.
  8. Alex Pauker
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    *His command over the techniques of painting and serigraphy, are advanced way beyond his years. For this reason, He is considered one of the most “up and coming artists” on the scene today. 

    *His works are greatly inspired by his travels around the world uniting the sense of peace, natural beauty, and tranquility. 

    *He uses an extraordinary impasto technique and often achieves this by painting with a palette knife.
  9. Jean Claude Picot

    Fête foraine à Paris, Sérigraphie, du peintre, Jean Claude, PICOT, Signée et numérotée au crayonManège le soir à Paris, Sérigraphie, du peintre, Jean Claude, PICOT, Signée et numérotée au crayon
    *He was greatly influenced by the works of the Fauvist masters such as Matisse. He continues today’s legacy of important French landscape artists.  

    *He has been exclusively working as an artist for over 50 years and has been exhibited in over 50 one-person shows throughout the world. 

    *He uses untraditional colors to imbue his work with a playful,happy feel and often creates scenes of markets, cityscapes and festivals.
  10. Pino

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    *Born in Italy, He lived from 1939-2010. He primarily worked as an artist for the book publishing industry. 

    *When He passed in 2010, his estate recalled all of his paintings that were not purchased. Thus his unique works are rather rare today. We are proud to display one of His drawing at The Henry. 

    *His style frequently connects with the public on a deep level, as his themes deftly portray the complexities of human relationships, states of connection and separation.
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