Quiz #2

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  1. ____ can be classified as to the type of bonds which hold the atoms together
  2. atoms share electrons to form covalent bonds
    molecular compounds
  3. atoms are charged (ions) and the difference in charge holds them together
    ionic compounds
  4. molecular compounds bond?
    nonmetal with a nonmetal
  5. ionic compounds bond ?
    metal with a nonmetal
  6. covalent?
  7. ionic?
    give and take
  8. indicates the simplest structural unit
    chemical formula
  9. sodium oxide is what kind of compound?
    ionic compound
  10. nonmetal + nonmetal =?
    molecular compound
  11. metal + nonmetal =?
    ionic compound
  12. cations are?
    positive ions
  13. anions are?
    negative ions
  14. when writing ionic formulas?
    • cations are written first, then anions
    • charges must add to zero
  15. NaCl?
    sodium chloride
  16. CO
    carbon monoxide
  17. CO2
    carbon dioxide
  18. HCl
    hydrochloric acid
  19. when naming ionic compounds what comes first?
    the cation
  20. in naming ionic compounds, if the element is a
    transition metal, that has several oxidiation number the charge is written as a roman numeral
  21. if a compound is binary, it must end in?
  22. silver only forms ?
  23. zinc only forms?
  24. groupsĀ of atoms that stay together and have a charge?
    polyatomic ions
  25. when writing polyatomic compound formulas:
    • charges must add to zero
    • cation is written 1st, then anion
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