Human Resources ch 5

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  1. In severe economic downturns, such as the Great Depression and the current recession,
    pockets of worker shortages exist for certain types of workers.
  2. Herman is the newly-hired director of HR for a department store.  Herman's major objective is to improve sales staff productivity.  After careful observation, Herman has discovered that staffing levels in each department are maintained at the bare minimum in order to save labor costs.  The store's competitive strategy is reflected in the motto "Quality Customer Service: Each Time, Every Time." Herman concludes that
    the HR activities of the store are not aligned to contribute to organizational effectiveness.
  3. ____ is the process of analyzing and identifying the need for and availability of human resources so that the organization can meet its objectives.
    Human resource planning
  4. Which of the following best describes the responsibility for HR planning?
    HR planning requires cooperation of HR professionals with organizational executives and managers.
  5. One of the top challenges faced by family-owned firms is
    attracting "outsiders" with key capabilities into the firm.
  6. The HR planning process begins with
    reviewing the organizational strategic planning objectives.
  7. A retail pharmacy chain is experiencing low profitability. It is looking into ways to cut costs. One of the members of the executive committee suggests reducing the number of pharmacists on staff, since they are the most highly-paid of the store employees.  As director of HR, you are most conceded whether this move would
    be effective in meeting organizational objectives in the long run
  8. Which of the following reasons is the most important reason for assessing the external workforce when doing HR planning?
    the organization must draw from the same labor market that supplies all other employers
  9. Which of the folioing government regulations has the LEAST effect on HR planning?
    Workers' compensation laws
  10. As the unemployment rate rises
    people available for work tend to have high qualifications
  11. The demographic composition of the workforce affects HR planning in all the following ways EXCEPT
    makes it less likely that U.S. firms will need to outsource jobs internationally.
  12. A comprehensive analysis of all current jobs in the organization can answer all of the following questions EXCEPT
    How is the external labor market for each job?
  13. The information in the employee skills inventory data bank
    should be available only to those who have a specific use for it.
  14. Vincent, the vice president of HR, is studying the profile of the organization's workforce.  Vincent's employer is a utility company and essentially provides life-time employment for workers, and the turnover rate is very low.  Vincent's eye is caught by a troubling aspect of the profile, and he says to himself, "This must be the result of the 7-year hiring freeze we had back in the 1980s," and the low-level of hiring through the 1990s. Vincent has probably noticed
    a potential shortage of experienced employees as older workers retire.
  15. According to the textbook, when managers are responsible for entering and updating employee information in skills databases,
    they may minimize the skills of their most productive subordinates for fear the subordinates may be transferred.
  16. Which of the following types of data should be included in an inventory of employee skills and capabilities?
    marital status and willingness to relocate
  17. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding forecasting methods?
    Forecasting is a combination of quantitative methods and subjective judgement.
  18. If an Hr manager wished to estimate indirect labor, such as the number of compensation and benefits employees per 1,000 production workers, he/she would
    calculate a staffing ratio.
  19. The Wickham County is the only full-service hospital providing care in Wickham County.  The population of Wickham County has been increasing by 10 percent a year the last two years, and projections are that the population will grow even more rapidly in the next ten years.  To serve the increased need, next year the hospital will open a new wing doubling the number of beds in the hospital.  The HR planning for next year must include all of the following EXCEPT
    how to best balance "churn," which brings in new talent to the hospital, versus retention of experienced employees.
  20. Which of the following organizational events would NOT affect HR planning?
    changing the IT software used by the company
  21. HR forecasting periods of one to three years are considered to be _____ range.
  22. The forecast for openings for store managers in a retail chain must include all of the following EXCEPT
    the number of store managers who will volunteer for additional management development programs.
  23. Clement, the director of staffing for a large advertising and public relations firm, is trying to estimate how many openings for web designers will be staffed from various sources: promotions, transfers, and new hires. Clement is determining the ____ for this job.
    fill rate
  24. HR planners can gain all the following data from governmental sources, such a state or regional economic development offices EXCEPT
    estimates of dysfunctional turnover.
  25. The internal supply of an organization is affected by all the following EXCEPT
    graduation rates from local colleges.
  26. Erin, the director of HR for a large insurance company, is evaluating locations in different states for appropriateness of relocating the company's headquarters.  The external supply of potential workers plays a dominant role in the decision.  Erin needs to analyze all of the following factors regarding the external supply of labor EXCEPT
    the anticipated attrition from each job in the organization for the next three years.
  27. As the HR executive for a chicken-processing plant in a rural location, which of the following external supply factors would be the MOST important to you?
    the availability of immigrants willing to work for low wages.
  28. Clement, the director of HR for a large advertising and public relations firm with multiple global locations, is facing all of the following situations.  All of these situations will decrease the accuracy of his estimate of the internal supply of labor for various jobs at the firm EXCEPT
    more female college graduates are being hired.
  29. The collection of unwritten expectations that both employees and employers have about the nature of their work relationships is called the
    psychological contract.
  30. The psychological contract
    can create either a positive or a negative relationship between an employee and his/her employer
  31. From the employee's point of view, the traditional psychological contract has changed mainly because of
    organizational downsizing and the layoff of long-term loyal employees.
  32. The "new" psychological contract between employers and employees includes the expectation that the employer will provide the employee with
    career development opportunities.
  33. When employees feel the employer has broken the psychological contract by laying off long-service employees, the key "loss" that contributes to employee turnover is loss of
    loyalty to the organization
  34. The "new" psychological contract involves the expectation that the employees will provide employers with
    increased productivity
  35. Three factors (individual ability, effort level expended and organizational support) are the components of
    individual performance
  36. Three major factors determine individual employee performance in the organization.  All of the following would be included under the factor of "support" EXCEPT
    confidence and sense of self-efficacy among employees.
  37. Bob has an opening to fill in his department. Although high performance is really needed from a new employee, Bob's organization has little to offer in the way of organizational support.  The organization has no real training program, the technology the department uses is outdated, and the relationships among Bob's other subordinates are somewhat conflict-ridden.  Which of the following statements is TRUE?
    In this situation, Bob is most likely to get high performance from the new hire if he selects an applicant with extremely high ability.
  38. Anthony's performance has been lower in the last six months than his average in the previous three years.  Anthony's supervisor wants to understand if there are any reasons within the organization's control that are causing Anthony's performance to slide. Anthony's job assignment has not changed, so the supervisor must consider all of the following factors EXCEPT
    if Anthony's capabilities have changed.
  39. ___ is a goal-directed drive, and is defined as the desire within a person causing that person to act.
  40. ___ is a positive emotional state resulting from evaluating one's job experiences.
    Job satisfaction
  41. The extent to which an employee feels linked to organizational success is called
    employee engagement.
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