Contemporary Artist - R to Y

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  1. Norman Rockwell

    © The Norman Rockwell Estate; used with permission© The Norman Rockwell Estate; used with permission
    *His Illustrations on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post for 47 Years.

    *Highest American Honor - a civilian receive from the government - "The Presidential Medal of Honor".

    *Park West Gallery with Norman Rockwell Licensing Company & Curtis Publishing, bring a collecting opportunity for his work of art.
  2. Tomasz Rut

    Tomasz RutImage Upload
    *My canvases express the entire spectrum of human emotions.

    *Restored murals in museums and mansions like the Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. Treasury Department and Vizcaya Museum in Miami.

    *He explains “the one element evident in all of my paintings is the aging” "I look for inspiration in classical art". 

    *Brings the models to the studio and draw on canvas. Uses only primary colors with old brushes and tubes of paint. When he finish, he’ll cut the canvas and begin his aging process.

    *Best time to collect; Prestige & Exclusivity artwork.
  3. Wendy Schaefer & Kevin Miles

    Image UploadImage Upload
    *This talented husband and wife team create lush landscapes inspired by their love of travel and nature. Both artists collaborate on every single painting they create. 

    *They have been exhibited at the Art Expo in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas, among other prestigious art shows, and have won dozens of awards. 

    *The path that appears in many of their works is a metaphor for the journey we take down the road of life, while the warm light represents the artists’ positive faith.
  4. Victor Spahn

    VICTOR SPAHN Limited Edition Seriolithograph Titled Nancy lopez Swing - detailImage Upload
    *He won first prize in New York for mosaic table. 

    *He been exhibited in Salon of Independent Artists, France

    *He paints with a combination of palette knife and brush.

    *His style suggests movement and dynamism in the subjects, appear to capture movement in a particular moment.
  5. David Willardson

    Image UploadImage Upload
    *He worked for Disney for 17 years. He was one of the few artists licensed to use Disney imagery in the world.

    *Disney commissioned Him to redesign their movie posters and promotional illustrations for the re-release of the classic films in the 1980’s. 

    *He is the creative force of the “pep art movement,” an innovative new genre where cultural icons are rendered with an unprecedented fusion of color, personality, and energy.
  6. Wolfson Yuval
    Image UploadImage Upload
    *His talent was discovered at an early age, and was granted a scholarship from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

    *His first one-person exhibition, “Monet’s Garden,” was received with much acclaim by critics. He created 24 variations of one image, where the colors differed gradually according to the declining sunlight, hour by hour.

    *His style is Abstract Expressionistic – he uses vibrating, intense color to represent the changing seasons and their hues. He is highly accomplished in the technique of serigraphy, but also works in acrylic painting.
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