History of Medicine 3rd Exam

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  1. William Einthoven
    First practical electocardiaograph
  2. Charles Scott Sherrington
    Neurophysiologist - elucidated the functions of brain and spinal cord
  3. James Herrick
    Description of acute myocardial infraction
  4. Otto Loewi
    Desc. the substance released by sympathetic nerves in the heart of the frog was adrenaline that was rapidly destroyed by cholinestirase
  5. Alexander Fleming
  6. Otto Warbury
    Science of modern biochemistry
  7. Hans Adolf Krebs
    Discovered Tricarboxylic, Acid Cycle
  8. Robert Grose
    Ligation of patent ductus arteriosus
  9. Hans Selye
    Role of acetylcholine on “stress response”
  10. Watson & Crick
    Double helix form of DNA
  11. Edwin Kleos
    Bacillus Diptheria
  12. Armauer Hansen
    Pathogen: Bacillus leprae
  13. August von Wasserman
    Test for syphilis
  14. 1939 German patents
    Chloroquinine for extra-intestinal amoeba
  15. Howard Florey, et al
    Cure for Staphylococcal and Streptococcal infections
  16. Penicillin G.V.
    Both as narrow and broad spectrum drugs
  17. Jonas Edward Salk
    Vaccine against paralytic polio
  18. Jose N. Rodriguez
    “Histamine test” for diagnosis of leprosy
  19. Faustino Garcia
    Use of Banaba to lower sugar level, Datura for asthma
  20. Alfredo C. Santos
    Use of Kalimata and ambal to cure hypertension
  21. RA 6111
    Phil. Medicare Act of 1969
  22. E.O. 119
    Ministry of Health becomes Dep’t of Health
  23. R.A. 7160
    Devolution to local government units of health services
  24. Manuel Zamora, et al
    TIKI-TIKI as cure for BERI-BERI
  25. R.A. 7305
    Magna Carta for Public Health workers
  26. R.A. 3720
    BFAD established (June 1963)
  27. R.A. 6675
    Generics Law
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