Nutrition ch 2

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  1. 1.       What are DRI values,who comes up with them and who do they apply to?
    Dietary Reference Intakes standards used for measuring healthy people's energy and nutrient intakes used in the US and Canada.

    A committee of nutrition experts from the US and Canada that develops and publishes the DRI recommendations
  2. 1.       What is the difference between RDA and AI values?
    Recommended Dietary Allowances are based on experimental evidence and observations. Expected to meet the needs of almost all healthy people.

    AI values are also based on scientific evidence but also some educated guessing.  Establish if there is insufficient evidence to generate an RDA.
  3. 1.       What are upper intake levels, and who should pay attention to them?
    Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (UL)  identify potentially toxic levels of nutrient intake. Important for people taking supplements or fortified foods.

    Set safe supper limits hwen fortifying food. Insufficient data limit some nutrients UL.
  4. 1.       You should know the relative proportions of carbs, fats and proteins recommended in the diet.
    • 45-65% carbs
    • 20-35% fats
    • 10-35% protein
  5. 1.       What are ‘daily value’ labels good for?
    Comparisons among foods.

    No good for individual diet planning. Don't account for age or gender. Set at highest nutrient needs among all people.

    ie: iron dv is 18 mg. great for young women but adult men only need 8 mg.
  6. 1.       What are some recommendations made in the dietary guidelines for Americans?
    USDA food guide, limit caloric intake, eat more fruits-veggies-wholegrains- and nonfat/lowfat milk

    Avoid sugar - saturated fat-trans fat- cholesterol- salt - alcohol - keep foods safe from spoilage/ contamination
  7. 1.       What are discretionary calories?
    Wiggle room in the diet after all nutrient needs are satisfied before caloric limit. (2000 needed 1700 satisfies everything, 300 cal for wiggle room)

    can be omitted if weight loss is desired.

    More active people have higher allowance of discretionary calories.
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