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  1. What is Max operating altitude in the LIDO system?
  2. 40,000 feet
  3. What are the Max demonstrated crosswind limits?
    Dry rwy. 33kts

    Wet Rwy 20kts

    Icy Rwy 10kts
  4. Max RWY slope?
  5. 2%
  6. Trace or frost contaminated shall be considered?
  7. WET if coverage more then 25% of useable RWY.
  8. What is a contaminated runway?
  9. A runway is considered contaminated when take-off or landing is covered by standing water,
    slush or snow if the coverage is more then 25% of the area to be used (100ft center)
  10. What is the max amount of snow, slush or standing water?
    - more then 4in of light snow dry snow

    - more then 2in of packed dry snow

    - more then 1/2in of slush, wet snow or standing water
  11. Contamination to be used when snow, slush or standing water on runway?
    • - 1/4in used when
    • - up to 2in light dry snow
    • - up to 1in packed dry snow
    • - up to 1/2in slush, wet snow or standing water

    • - 1/2in used when
    • - more then 2in up to 4in light dry snow
    • - more then 1in up to 2in packed dry snow
    • - more then 1/4in up to 1/2in slush, wet snow or standing water
  12. Take-off performance for flaps order is.
  13. Flap. Packs
    • 5. On
    • 5. Off
    • 20. On
    • 20. Off
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