Cultures of Belize 2

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  1. where does the term Creole come from
    Portuguese word "criar" to raise
  2. How is Creole currently defined
    its the speech and customs of Africans and Europeans born in the new world
  3. When did Belizeans decide creole would be spelt KriolĀ  for reference to the language in Belize
    1994 at Frist Creole Orthography
  4. Where did the Creole's come from
    mainly from African slaves from wet Africa- Senegal, Angola, and Ghana, from Jamaica
  5. What kind of Food do the Kriol eat
    • traditional Mestizo and West African dishes
    • traditional dish- "boil up"
  6. what does the traditional kriol "boil Up" consist of
    dish of boiled ground foods such as cassava, cocoa, potatoes, ripe plantains, boil cake, and boiled fish or pigtail
  7. How are beliefs and practices passed through the Kriol
    orally through anancy
  8. anansi stories
    traditional folk tales often told to explain a specific event or encourage ethics
  9. what are two main character used in Kriol beliefs and practices
    • rabbit the hero
    • tortoise mischief maker
  10. "fire sambai"
    fertility dance done by the Kriol during a full moon
  11. What are the Kriol skilled in
    furniture builders, canoe makers, and basket weaver
  12. Christmas Bram of Kriol
  13. large event including the whole community that consist of rhythmic dances and a variety of music
  14. What do the Kriol do during Christmas Bram
    go between each other's houses eating, drinking, and celebrating for two days
  15. what type of medicine do the Kriol's use
    natural herbs, barks, and teas
  16. where are the Kriol located
    • Dangria
    • La Democracia
    • Placencia
  17. What does Garinagu refer to
    the people
  18. what does Garifuna refer to
    culture and language
  19. Where di the Garinagu come from
    ancestors of West African slaves and Native carribbean people
  20. when did the Garinagu come to Belize
    Nov. 9th 1802
  21. Where does Garifuna art come from
    spiritual practices
  22. "punta rock" of garinagu
    modern musical interpretation of a Garinague cultural dance
  23. what features the punta dance
    punta rock
  24. what is the punta dance
    a dance with seductive movements and rhythmic beats
  25. when is the john canoe of the Garinagu performed
    during Christmas season
  26. What is the John Canoe
    features a masked English character and displays the skills of warrior slaves while mocking their british overseeres
  27. what are the traditional Garifuna colors
    • yellow
    • black
    • white
  28. What are the Garinagu's food mainly based on
    • coconut milk
    • garlic
    • basil
    • black pepepr
  29. what is a common meal of the Garinagu
    fish boiled in coconut milk, called serre, served with mashed plantain called hudut
  30. what is essential to most Garinagu diets
  31. what is cassava
    woody, shrub/herb
  32. What do the beliefs of the Garinagu center around
    respect for ancestors
  33. What is "Dugu"
    Garinagu ritual for maintaining the spiritual connection with past generations
  34. what is "buyei" or "shaman"
    Garinagu spiritual leader who presides over family members
  35. where are the Garinagu located
    • Tobacco Caye
    • Punta Gorda
  36. when did the Mennonites first emerge
    during the radical reformation of the 16th centruay in N. Europe
  37. when and how many Mennonites relocate to Belize along the River Hondo
  38. what are the Mennonites mostly known for
    strict beliefs- refusal to pay land taxes, refusal to support military
  39. what language do the Mennonites speak
    unique dialect of dutch and german
  40. What do the Mennonite men wear
    generic dark trousers, suspenders, and straw hats
  41. what do the Mennonite women wear
    conservative long plaid dresses and bonnets
  42. Where are the Mennonites located
    • modern Mennonite villages: Little Belize and Shipyard
    • Blue Creek
  43. when did the Chinese immigrate into Belize
  44. What did the Chinese immigrant into Belize as
    laborers and farmers
  45. where did the Chinese first settle
    northern belize
  46. when did the Chinese move to toledo
  47. What is the majority of the Chinese population in Belize today caused by
    immigration right before world war 2
  48. What city has the second largest population of Belizean Chinese
    Punta Gorda
  49. what city has the largest population of Belizean Chinese
    Belize City
  50. What do the Chinese own on Caye Caulker
    two major stores
  51. Who do the Rastafarians believe God is
    Haile Selassie
  52. When did the African-centered religion of the Rastafarians develop
  53. What is the Rastafarians belief about Haile Selassie
    he will return to Africa members of the black community who are living in exile as the result of colonization and slave trade
  54. What was the belief about Haile Selassie developed by
    the ideas of Marcus garvey
  55. who was Marcus Garvey
    a political activist who wanted to improve the status of fellow blacks
  56. What did the Rastafarian cemermonies consist of
    • chanting
    • drumming
    • meditating
  57. what did the Rastafarians chant, drum and meditate
    to reach a state of heightened spirituality
  58. what do the Rastafarians use to increase spirtitual awareness
  59. What do the Rastafarians oppose
    • alchohol
    • abortion
    • contraception
  60. what are the 4 colors of the rastafarians
    • red
    • green
    • gold
    • black
  61. what does the red signify for the Rastafarians
    blood of those killed for the cause of the black community
  62. what does green represent for the rastafarians
    Jamaica's vegetation and hope for eradication of suppression
  63. what does Gold symbolize for rastafarians
    wealth of ethiopia
  64. what does black signify for the Rastafarians
    color of the Africans who initiated Rastafari
  65. what is the symbol of the Rastafarians
  66. what does the Lion of the rastafarians represent
    Haile Selassie
  67. what was the first Haile Selassie referred to as
    Conquering Lion of Judah
  68. where are the Rastafarians located
    Caye Caulker
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