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  1. A ___ in a securities transaction acts as a principal and charges a mark-up or mark-down
  2. Debt obligation of a corporation backed only by the full faith and credit of the corporation itself and not by any specific asset of the
  3. A bond trading at a substantial discount from par value.
    Deep Discount
  4. A stock which normally declines less than the average security in a market decline. ____  ___ are not subject to the business cycle to the extent that a capital goods company would be. ____ ___ includes shares of public utilities, food companies, tobacco companies, and clothing manufacturers.
    Defensive Stock
  5. An accounting treatment which allows an investor in an oil and gas program to reduce taxable income based on the amount of oil or gas extracted from land. ____  allowances are the major advantage allowed to investors in an oil and gas program.
  6. Allows a corporation to amortize (write off over time) the cost of fixed assets. ____ reduces a corporation's taxable income but does not reduce its cash position.
  7. A major turndown in economic activity resulting in very high unemployment, deflation, and public fear. A ____ could last several years.
  8. A ____ is a security which derives its value from another security, such as a stock or a bond. An option contract is a ___ since it derives its value from the underlying security on which it is based. Some ____ are straight-forward, such as options on securities, stock index options and Collaterized Mortgage Obligations (CMO's). Other ____ can be complex, such as interest rate swaps and equity linked bank deposits.
  9. Normally formed as a Limited Partnership in which investors directly participate in the gains and losses. Net income or net loss generated by the ____ is allocated to the Limited Partners.
    Direct Participation Program
  10. The interest rate which the Federal Reserve charges its member banks who borrow funds from it. The Federal Reserve would lower the ____ __ to stimulate the economy and raise the ____ ___ to slow down the
    Discount Rate
  11. A portion of the earnings of a corporation which is distributed to common and preferred shareholders. The amount of ___  distributions paid is determined by the Board of Directors and is normally paid out to shareholders quarterly.
  12. Certain factors such as rising interest rates, Federal Budget Surplus and a Balance of Payments surplus would lead to a ___ ____.
    Strong Dollar
  13. Represents the market price of 30 selected common stocks divided by a constant.
    Dow Jones Industrial Average
  14. Other factors, such as falling interest rates, Federal Budget deficit and a Balance of Payments deficit would lead to a ___ ____.
    Weak Dollar
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