chp 4 body openings and plural endings

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  1. aperture
    an opening or orifice
  2. canal(alimentary)
    the musculomembranous digestive tube extending from the mouth to the anus
  3. canal(vaginal)
    the canal in the female from the vulva to the cervix uteri that receives the penis in copulation
  4. cavity
    a hollow place or space, or a potential space, within the body or one of its organs
  5. constriction
    making something narrow; to contract; to close(an opening)
  6. dilatation, dilation
    stretched beyond normal dimensions; the widening of something/ expansion, opening
  7. foramen
    a natural opening or passage, especially one into or through a bone
  8. hiatus
    a gap, cleft, or opening
  9. introitus
    opening or entrance to a canal or cavity such as the vagina
  10. lumen
    opening within a hollow tube or organ
  11. meatus
    urinary passage or opening
  12. orifice
    any orifice, such as the anal canal
  13. os
    mouth opening; os uteri: mouth of the uterus, or cervix
  14. patent
    adjective, meaning open or not plugged, as in "the tube is patent"
  15. perforation
    a hole in something, e.g., perforation of the stomach wall by a gastric ulcer
  16. stoma
    artificial opening established by colostaomy, ileostomy, tracheostomy
  17. ventricle
    a small cavity or chamber, as in the brain or heart
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