Series 66 - O's

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  1. Any amount from one through 99 shares is considered __ lot except for a few very inactive stocks where a round lot is 10 shares and an __ lot is one though nine.
    Odd Lot
  2. The market can be forecast by watching for periods when odd-lot trading changes from a balance of buying to a balance of selling and vice-versa.The theory is that small investors are usually wrong in their buying and/or selling decisions.
    Odd Lot Theory
  3. For municipal bonds, it is similar to a prospectus. The legal opinion is included in the information.
    _Official Statement_
  4. Limited Partnerships established to locate, extract, and market oil and natural gas. Limited Partners buy units in the partnership and do no assume any liability other than the cost of the units purchased.
    Oil and Gas Programs
  5. The Federal Reserve System's actions to reduce member bank reserves by selling government bonds to member banks or to the public or to increase reserves by buying bonds from the banks or the public.
    Open Market Operations
  6. Do not have a fixed number of shares; have a price determined by the per share asset value of the fund's portfolio; shares are purchased directly of indirectly from the underwriter. There funds make a continuous offer of their shares for sale to the public and at any time will buy back shares now outstanding or sell new shares.
    Open-End Fund - Open-End Investment Companies
  7. an investment instrument which gives the holder the right to BUY (call) or SELL (put) property (usually stock) at an agreed upon price for a specific period of time.
  8. Option Exercise Styles
    • American Style Exercise
    • European Style Exercise
  9. The corporation, owned by the exchanges, that handles options transaction on stock exchanges. It issues all option contracts and guarantees that both parties to the contract will meet their obligations.
    Options Clearing Corporation
  10. An exchange employee assigned a post to execute transactions in specific classes of options. Maintains a book for all public orders relating to a particular class which are left with him. They are responsible for recording and executing all public orders left with them. Only market orders or limit orders from public customers are placed in the book.
    Order Book Official (OBO)
  11. When an order is received from a client, the registered representative must complete this form. It states whether the order is one to buy or sell; the number of units; the name of the security, the kind of order, and information identifying the customer.
    Order Ticket
  12. Income received by an individual from the normal activities or business.
    Ordinary Income
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