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  1. in its natural state, oxygen is...
    tasteless, colorless, and oderless
  2. what GOX system valve type prevents a complete loss of oxygen?
    Check Valve
  3. the supply and distribution tubing for aircraft oxygen systems is identified by cellulose tape that is...
    green and white
  4. the disadvantage of a continuous-flow oxygen regulator is that it...
    Wastes Oxygen
  5. what does the molecular sieve oxygen generating system (MSOGS) concentrator supply to the OXYGEN regulator control panel?
    93% oxygen-enriched gas
  6. LOX converts to GOX at an expansion ratio of...
    860 to 1
  7. except during servicing, the LOX system combination fill, BUILDUP, and vent valve is always in the...
    BUILDUP position
  8. on an aircraft LOX system, the handle on a manually operated buildup and vent valve is designed to prevent...
    the filler access door from closing in the vent position
  9. bleed air is usually taken from which part of the engine section?
    Compressor section
  10. aircraft engine temperature and pressure as it applies to the bleed air system is determined by the...
    engine throttle setting and ambient teperature
  11. what is the purpose of the engine bleed air (EBA) check valves?
    prevent the loss of compressed bleed air
  12. what engine bleed air component prevents the loss of air through the engine when its SHUT down?
    SHUTOFF Valve
  13. the ducting for high pressure/high temperature air conditioning is usually made of...
    Stainless steel
  14. what tool do you use to ensure alignment and sealing when installing a V-band clamp on air conditioning ducting?
    Rawhide mallet
  15. what type of high pressure/high temperature ducting does not require a gasket?
    compressible flange
  16. what lubricant can be used on a beaded channel clamp sleeve to ease installation?
  17. the crush-type gasket used in aircraft ducting is made of...
    a soft aluminum, or fiber and metal mesh
  18. expansion joints in bleed air systems are best used for...
    a short run of ducting
  19. what prevents fiberglass fabric ducts from swelling when the aircraft climbs to high altitudes?
    Vent holes
  20. what is defined as "a depression in the duct wall, where the surface of the material isn't cut or removed but the depression has caused sharp bends or creases in the material?"
    Major Dent
  21. The simultaneous control of temperature, humidity, air distribution within a space is the definition of..
    Air Conditioning.
  22. What aircraft air conditioning component is a radiator that cold rim air passes through in order to cool the hot bleed air from the engine?
    Primary Heat Exchanger.
  23. What air craft Air Conditioning system component controls the flow of rim air through the primary heat exchangers?
    Moveable inlet and exit doors
  24. The rapid cooling of bleed air causes..
    Moisture to condense in the form of fog
  25. As bleed air enters the compressor of the air cycle machine, it's pressure is increased. With the increase in pressure, there is also an increase in temperature. Which component removes most of this increased temperature?
    Secondary Heat Exchanger
  26. The low atmospheric pressure found at extremely high altitudes can cause a persons blood vessels to...
  27. What controls the action of the outflow valve in a fixed isobaric, single differential pressurization system?
    Regulating control chamber pressure.
  28. What are the parts of the isobaric section of the cabin pressure regulator?
    An aneroid, spring and metering valve.
  29. What are the components of the differential section of the cabin pressure regulator?
    Diaphragm, spring, and metering valve.
  30. What maintains pressure if the dual differential cabin pressure regulator fails during flight?
    Outflow valves.
  31. What is the purpose of the pneumatic relay in a cabin pressurization system.
    ensure that both outflow valves operate at the same time.
  32. In the variable isobaric pressurization system. the Manual control valves are used as an alternate when the...
    Cabin pressure controller fails.
  33. The normal connection for thermal switches in a fire warning system is in series with..
    The warning light and parallel with each other
  34. The fire detector, frequently used in fire warning systems that has a high nickel steel rod located in the center line of a stainless steel tube assembly is called..
    An iron fireman switch.
  35. The direct current voltage supplied to the lights in a photoelectric circuit is pulsed at a rate of...
    10 Hertz
  36. A liquid fire extinguishing agent douses a fire by..
    excluding oxygen from the area.
  37. A gaseous nitrogen charge is added to a liquid fire extinguishing agent in order to...
    expel the agent from the bottle.
  38. What liquid agent fire extinguisher container component holds in both the liquid agent and the nitrogen charge?
    Frangible disc.
  39. In a liquid agent fire extinguisher container why is the frangible disc undercut into pie shaped sections?
    To prevent small pieces from passing through the strainer
  40. What is usually located at the lowest point in a fuel tank?
    Sump and drain.
  41. A bladder-type tank conforms to the vacant cavity within the fuselage because it is made out of...
    rubber or nylon material
  42. Wing tanks are?
    Sealed off parts of the wing structure.
  43. A centrifugal type aircraft fuel pump may be used...
    for boost, transfer, or air refueling operations
  44. What type of fuel pump must have a fuel and vapor proof housing?
    Centrifugal pump with electrically driven, DC, series wound motor
  45. What kind of centrifugal pump is used when a fuel supply is required during periods of negative gravity conditions?
    Dual impeller.
  46. In a dual impeller fuel pump, what prevents foreign objects from holding the bypass valve open?
    An inlet screen
  47. What air refueling pump components depend on fuel for lubrication?
  48. What air refueling pump component removes fuel vapors caused by the centrifugal force of th e impellers?
  49. The arrow stamped on the body of a fuel system check valve indicates the...
    Direction of free flow.
  50. A pressure loaded fuel system check valve is used..
    when gravity flow through the valve is undesirable.
  51. The fuel system components that prevent excessive pressure from building up in trapped lines or within the valve body are 3...
    spring loaded relief valves.
  52. The rotary plug valve can be removed and replaced...
    without draining the fuel lines or tanks.
  53. What rotary plug valve part rotates and seals off the passage of fuel during plug valve removal?
    Secondary seal sleeve.
  54. Another name for the disc type valve in a fuel system is..
  55. In a piston-type fuel level control valve what aids piston closure and prevents fuel from entering the tank?
  56. Some fuel level control valves had a dual float system so that...
    there will be a double safety factor
  57. The low level shut off valve prevents the reverse flow of fuel through the valve by what type of action?
    Check valve.
  58. Fuel controlled switches normally controls circuits that indicate..

    a) Fuel Flow
    b) Fuel Level
    c) Fuel Pressure
    d) All of the above.
    All of the above.
  59. What most likely controls the automatic pump shutoff when all fuel is depleted from a fuel tank?
    Float switches.
  60. In a direct current (DC), liquid level fuel indicating system, what positions the wiper contact on the resistance strip?
    The movement of a float in the tanks.
  61. What capacitance type fuel indicating system component allows for changes in fuel density?
  62. what prevents a fuel tank from collapsing if an air pressure regulator fails and excessive negative pressure develops?
    pressure/vacuum relief valve.
  63. A well designed aircraft fuel system will ensure..
    positive and reliable fuel flow under all conditions.
  64. The 3 types of shutoff valves used in the cross feed fuel system are the...
    sliding gate, rotary plug, and disc
  65. 3 methods of transferring fuel are...
    gravity flow, air pressure, and pump
  66. what is the basic purpose of the fuel vent system?
    Prevent fuel tank rupture or collapse.
  67. The most prevalent method of refueling for ground servicing is..
    single point.
  68. The air refueling receptacle (A/R) is operated..
    hydraulically, but controlled electrically.
  69. Fuels ability to hold contaminants and suspension is increased with a higher
  70. What type of foreign particle appears in the fuel in a crystalline, granular, or glass-like form?
    Sand or dust.
  71. Which type of fuel contaminate contains a form of red, brown, gray, black slime in the fuel?
    Microbial growth.
  72. Specs or granuels of sediment in fuel that are visible to the naked eye are approximately how many microns or larger?
  73. Classification of fuel leaks is necessary in order to determine...
    weather or not it constitutes a flight safety hazard
  74. How are fuel leaks categorized?
    Class A-D
  75. Leak limits correspond to the...
    Leak category and fuel type.
  76. In addition to the AFTO form 781 A or 781 K, what form must you document fuel leaks when automatic data systems are not available?
    AFTO form 427
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