Women in art hist

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  1. Johann Zoffany's group portrait "The Academicians of the Royal family" did not include
    Kaufmann and Moser
  2. American Feminism expressed itself
  3. the category _______ remains an unstable one. Meaning fixed only int relation to dominant ,ale paradigms of art and femininity
    woman artist
  4. Feminists of color and lesbian feminists challenged attempts to identify an inclusive "female image" should be collapsed into a _______
    universalized category
  5. feminists identify ways that femininity is evidenced in representation. critical practice that resist positioning as a spectacle, or __________
    object of the male gaze
  6. Marietta Robusti
    • famed portrait painter
    • Spain and Austria
    • father refused to let her be a court painter
  7. Interest in Robusti expressed was a pop subj for _________ attracted by the familial bonds and melancholy of her early death
    romantic painters
  8. some women have suffered over-attribution to them of
    inferior work
  9. Judith Leyster
    • only female member of the painters guild to have had a workshop, actively involved in the art market, and have 3 male pupils
    • "The Proposition"
    • watercolorist
  10. Edmonia Lewis
    • Black sculptor
    • stubborn
  11. access to education and the covenant was often determined by
    noble birth
  12. ______ provided an alternative to marriage
  13. first documented example of an extended cycle of miniatures worked on by a woman is the Spanish monk ____
    Beatus of Liebana
  14. Queen Mathilda
    • embroidery as an artistic pursuit
    • inspiration for women isolated in the home
  15. Hrotvist of Ganderscheim
    • first poet of Saxony
    • first german dramatist and historian
    • self-deprecation in exaggerated convention of female humility
  16. Herrad of Landsberg
    • illustrated encyclopedia
    • Hortus Deliciarum
  17. Holdegard of Bingen
    • visionary book of knowledge "The Scavias"
    • "The Divine works of a simple Man"
    • "Meritorious Life"
    • 60 hymns, a miracle play, 9 books on nature
  18. Giovanni Villani
    • chronicler
    • 8-10k children attending school to learn letters
  19. Leon Battista Alberti
    • "On the Family"
    • women virtues chastity/motherhood
  20. ______ and ______ knowledge reveals the close links between humanist thought, science, and art at the time.
    scientific and theoretical
  21. ____ thinkers advocated a certain equality of education
  22. Sofanisba Angulssola
    • new conventions for self-portraiture
    • 3 years of private training
  23. Campi painting Sofonisba first example of woman artist in role of
    object of representation
  24. Vasari
    male writer responded to Anguissola as prodigy of nature
  25. Italian city with university that educates woman and a female saint who painted
  26. St. Catherine of Bologna
    • cult flourished in the 16th + 17th century. 
    • Latin and skill in painting, music, illumination
  27. Diana Manuana
    only 16th century engraver to sign prints with own name
  28. Properzia de Rossi
    • Italian sculptor in marble
    • persecuted until she was finally paid a low price for her work
  29. Lavinia Fontana
    • painted style combined Counter-reformation pietism
    • portraitist
  30. Elisabetta Sirani
    • "Portia wounding her thigh"
    • skill and speed led to gossip father was claiming her work
  31. Artemisia Gentileschi
    • Rape trial
    • less with virtue and more about fathers legal property
    • "Susanna and the elders"
  32. Levina Teerlinc
    only portrait mini painter of Flemish origin employed at court
  33. Maria Merian
    three volumes on insects
  34. Maria van Oosterwyck
    moral transience of worldly things
  35. Rachel Ruysch
    asymmetrical spiraling compostion
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