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  1. Bone cysts
    are benign neoplastic bone lesions filled with clear fluid that most often occur near the knee joint in children and adolescents
  2. chondromalcia patellae
    • aka runners knee
    • involves a softening of the cartilage under the patella which results in wearing away of this cartilage causing pain
  3. chondrosarcomas
    are malignant tumors of the cartilage that usually occur in the pelvis and long bones of men older than 45 yrs old
  4. enchondroma
    slow growing benign cartilaginous tumor that most often is found in small bones of the hands and feet in adolescents and young adults
  5. ewings sarcoma
    common primary malignant bone tumor that  rises from the bone marrow in children and young adults
  6. exostosis
    is a benign neoplastic bone lesion that is caused by consolidated overproduction of bone at a joint (usually the knee)
  7. fractures
    breaks in bone
  8. gout
    form of arthritis that may be hereditary in which uric acid appears in excessive quantities in the blood and may be deposited in the joints and other tissues (commonly at first mtp joint)
  9. joint effusions
    occur as accumulated fluid in the joint cavity
  10. linsfranc ligament
    large band that spans the articulation of the medial cuneiform and the first and second metatarsal base.
  11. multiple myeloma
    most commons type of primary cancerous bone tumor that arises from bone marrow or marrow plasma cells (highly malignant)
  12. Osgood schlatter disease
    • involves inflammation of bone and cartilage of the anterior tibia
    • occurs when the patellar tendon detaches part of the tibial tuberosity to which it is attached
  13. osteoarthritis
    and whats it aka
    • Degenerative joint disease (DJD)
    • noninflammatory joint disease that is characterized by gradual deterioration of the articular cartilage hypertrophic bone development (most common arthritis)
  14. osteoclastomas (giant cell tumors)
    highly malignant bone tumors in long bones and occur from childhood to age 20
  15. osteomalacia (rickets)
    • bone softening caused by lack of bone mineralization
    • common in children and results in bowing of the tibia
  16. Pagets disease
    disrupts new bone growth resulting in over production of very dense yet soft bone
  17. Reiters Syndrome
    • affects the sacroiliac joints and lower limbs of young men
    • is an erosion at the achilles tendon
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