Psychology 1010 CH1

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  1. What is psychology?
    uses science to try and understand why people behave the way they do. Both abnormally and normally.
  2. What is psychology the science of?
    Mind and behavior
  3. What are the three levels of analysis?
    • 1) Brain
    • 2) Person
    • 3) Group
  4. What is level of brain?
    activity and structure of the organ
  5. What is the level of person?
    contents and functions of the mind. Mental contents and mental processes.
  6. What is the level of the group?
    collection of people affect behavior.
  7. What is the root of psychology?
    philosophy and physiology
  8. Who was scientist Descartes?
    mind and body
  9. Who was scientist Locke?
    experience of the world
  10. What did early scientific psychologist?
    not interests in behavior, interested in how information is interpreted
  11. What is first school of thought?

    - Wundt (building blocks of consciousness)

    Sensations (Organs) and Feelings (Anger, happiness, etc. )
  12. What is introspection? What school of thought?
    Looking from withing during or shortly after the behavior. Structuralism.
  13. What is functionalism?
    why humans think, feel, and behave the way they do. Influence by Darwinism.
  14. Gestalt Psychology?
    • OVERALL perception
    • WHOLE is more than sum of its parts
  15. Psycho-dynamic Theory?

    some components of the mind are unconscious. How conscious and unconscious thoughts affect behavior
  16. Behaviorism?
    • stimulance / response
    • -against unseen phenomena

  17. Humanistic Psychology?
    • Maslow
    • Positive values, free will, deep inner creativity, personal growth, fulfilling lives.

    Rogers - Client Centered Therapy
  18. Positive Technology?
    Strengths and virtues enable a person to thrive
  19. Cognitive?
    • Computer approach (Human info processing)
    • - Negative thoughts cause depression
  20. Cognitive neuroscience?
    Cognitive psychology with brain physiology
  21. Evolutionary Psychology?
    • Compare humans to animal traits.
    • Certain cognitive strategies are built into brain because of natural selection
  22. Clinical psychologists?
    • psych therapy
    • administer tests
  23. Psych therapy?
    help people learn to change
  24. Counseling psychologists?
    help people deal with everyday life
  25. Psychiatrist?
  26. Academic Psychologist?
    teaching and research

    • Cognitive- thinking, memory
    • Social- group function
    • Personality- individual diff in preference and inclination
  27. Applied Psychologist?
    use findings to improve products and procedures

    • -Develop: design products
    • - Physiological: studies brain and help company brain things
    • - Social: group of people like JURY
  28. Personality: design new tests
    Industrial / Organizational: work environment
    Sport- improve athletic performance
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