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  1. Bull Moose Party
    Most succesful 3rd party in history; founded by Teddy Roosevelt.
  2. Underwood Tariff Bill
    Reduces the tariff to 27%.
  3. Federal Reserve Act
    Creates our modern banking system in 1913. Established a federal reserve system. Restricted private control of money and banks. Was made up of 12 regional districts and one central bank.
  4. Clayton Anti-Trust Act (1914)
    Attacked price discrimination and interlocking directorates (same indiviuals were on the boards of competing firms). Labor and agriculture both exempted from anti-trust action. Allowed strikes and peaceful picketing.
  5. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    In 1914, a Serbian nationalist killed the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne (Archduke Franz Ferdinand). The domino-effect began whereAustria declared war on Serbia, which was supported by Russia, who declared war on Austria-Hungary and Germany, which declared war on Russia and France, then invaded neutral Belgium, and pulled Britain into the war and igniting World War I.
  6. Central and Allied Powers
    • Central: Turkey, Austria-Hungry, & Germany
    • Allies: France, Russia, US, Italy, Britian
  7. Lusitania
    On May 7, 1915 the Lusitana is sunk by U-Boat killing 128 Americans.
  8. Sussex Pledge
    After Germany seemed to break that pledge by sinking the Sussex, it issued the “Sussex pledge,” which agreed not to sink passenger ships or merchant vessels without warning, so long as the U.S. could get the British to stop their blockade.
  9. Franz Ferdnand
    The assanation of Franz Ferdnand on June 28, 1914 and his wife Sophia caused the spark of WWI. (He was killed by the black hand)
  10. Zimmerman Note
    Written by German foreign secretary Arthur Zimmerman, it secretly proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico. It proposed that if Mexico fought against the U.S. and the Central Powers won, Mexico could recover Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona from the U.S.
  11. Russian Revolution
    1917- Takes Russia out of the war. Vladmir Lenin took over the gov't and made it communist.
  12. Fourteen Points
    Abolish secert treaties, freedom of the seas, reduction of amadments, adjustment of colonial claims, self determenation, league of nations.
  13. Espionage Act of 1917
    Antiwar Socialists and the members of the radical union Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) were often prosecuted, including Socialist Eugene V. Debs and IWW leader William D. Haywood, who were arrested,convicted, and sent to prison.
  14. National War Labor Board
    "Work or fight" & "Labor will win the war."Headed by William H. Taft and he secured the 8 hour work day but no garuntee for unions.
  15. US Deployment Countries
    France, Belgium, Italy, Russia
  16. Marshall Foch
    Supreme commander of allied forces in France.
  17. 2nd Battle of the Maine
    July 1918: 243,000 US join Frech forces to push German forces out. Mihel begins German withdrawl.
  18. Meuse Argonne Offensive
    1918: Germans surrendered
  19. US Contrb.
    Food, credit, loans, guns, and bullets.
  20. Human Cost
    10 million people worldwide.
  21. Henery Cabot Lodge
    • Major opponent against the Treaty of Versailles and League of Nations.
    • -To weak, -Created seperate super state, -US morally responsible to help it allies.
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