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    • What is the result from a low air pressure over land and high pressure over the ocean
    • Land Breeze
  1. What is the result from water warming and cooling more slowly than land and/or high air pressure over land and a low pressure system over the ocean
    Sea breeze
  2. Why does the windward side of a mountain receive more rain
  3. What are other reasons condensation occur
    Frost on a cold morning and fog and steam
  4. What is the party of the water cycle where water turns into water vapor
  5. What is the part of the water cycle where water vapor.
  6. A term usrd to describe hail, sleet, or snow.
  7. Whatever
  8. When at the beach during the winter, the breezes will blow away from the land because. ..
    Air is less dense over land
  9. When a blast of artic air meets a large body of warm water, it will usually produce a storm known as. ..
    Lake effect snow
  10. What produces thunderstorms, heavy rains, and high winds
    Cumulonimbus clouds
  11. What brings heavy rains, lightning, and strong winds and Thunder
  12. Which cloud is made of ice crystals and indicate there will be a change in weather
    Sirrus clouds
  13. When there is a ________ combined with________, this will usually produce a large amount of precipitation
    Low pressure High temperatures
  14. _____________ and _____________ will not produce a large amount of precipitation
    High pressure systems low temperatures
  15. ______________ occurs when a river or stream over flows onto the surrounding land quickly
    Flash floods
  16. _____________occur when there has been a lack of precipitation
    A drought
  17. ____________ is the information used by meteorologists to forecast an approaching storm
    Air pressure
  18. _____________ will cause daily changes in the weather. This is used to make weather predictions. For example, the sun is shining before school, but by the time we dismiss the sky has darken and Thunder can be heard.
    Movement of air masses
  19. A dark cloud in a shape of a funnel is called a ____________
  20. ______________ is the most helpful in determining where a thunderstorm is coming from and the path that it will take
    Wind direction
  21. A_____________is a tool that is used to measure the amount of moisture in the atmosphere
  22. A_____________is used to measure the wind direction
    A weather vane
  23. _____________ indicate fair weather
    Cumulus clouds
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