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  1. The flower of Zeta Tau Alpha is
    the white violet
  2. The original name of Zeta Tau Alpha was
  3. The colors of ZTA are
    turquoise blue and steel gray
  4. Zeta Tau Alpha's open motto is
    Seek the Nobelist
  5. ZTA was founded on
    October 15, 1898
  6. The 9 founders of ZTA are
    • Frances Yancy Smith
    • Ruby Leigh Orgain
    • Ethel Coleman VanName
    • Della Lewis Hundley
    • Alice Bland Coleman
    • Helen Mae Crafford
    • Alice Grey Welsh
    • Maude Jones Horner
    • Mary Campell Jones Batte
  7. ZTA was founded at
    Longwood University
  8. The dress requirement for Ritual is
    chalk white with no decoration
  9. ZTA's patron goddess is
  10. The ZTA magazine is called
  11. Who were Plummer Jones and Giles Mebane Smith and why are they significant?
    Brothers of Maud Jones Horner and Frances Yancy Smith and they helped form the Fraternity by coming up with the name and helping to write the constitution.
  12. ZTA's national philanthropy is
    breast cancer education and awareness
  13. Strawberries are significant to ZTA because
    an admirer gave them to Mary Campell Jones Batte and she used them for the first social
  14. ZTA's national president is
    Keeley Riddle
  15. International Office is located in
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  16. Who wrote The Creed of Zeta Tau Alpha?
    Shirley Kreasan Strout
  17. The ZTAF is the philanthropic branch of Zeta. What does the F stand for?
  18. What does NHC stand for?
    National Housing Corporation
  19. The Constitution and Bylaws are voted on by whom?
    Delegates from collegiate and alumnae chapters as well as National Council and other National Officers
  20. The Executive Director appoints National Council for a term of how many years?
    2 years
  21. Can any member of Zeta Tau Alpha, initiated or not, be hazed?
  22. What is your chapter's Greek name?
    Kappa Phi
  23. What year was your chapter founded?
  24. Name a local or national award that your chapter has received.
    Crown chapter
  25. Who are your chapter advisers?
    Suzanne Medici, Betty Grizzle
  26. Who is your province President?
    Rachel Payne
  27. What is ZTA's policy concerning underage drinking?
    Don't do it.
  28. What score must you get on this test to be initiated into Zeta Tau Alpha?
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