Chapter 29-30 Quiz

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  1. Bull Moose Party
  2. Underwood Tariff Bill
  3. Federal Reserve Act 1913
    • created our modern banking system
    • restricted private control of money and banks
    • 12 regional districts and a central bank
  4. Clayton Anti Trust Act
    • attacks price discrimination and interlocking directorates
    • same individuals were on the boards of competing firms 
    • cant break a law while smoking or picketing
  5. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    assassination of Ferdinand in Sarajevo
  6. Central and Allied Powers
    • Central: Turkey, Austria-Hungary, Germany
    • Allies: France, Russia, US, Italy, Britain
  7. Lusitania
    • May 7, 1915
    • Lusitania was sunk by a U-Boat, killing 128 Americans
  8. Sussex Pledge
    Germany offers the Sussex Pledge will not sink passenger and merchant vessels without giving warning if the US will try to break the British blockade
  9. Franz Ferdinand
    • Assassinated on June 28, 1914
    • caused the spark of ww1 by slave nationalist (The Black Hand)
  10. Zimmerman note
    the German ambassador sends a note to the Mexican ambassador promising TX and NM if Mexico would attack the US and get the US
  11. Russian Revolution 1917
    • takes Russia out of the war 
    • Vladimir Lenin took over the government and makes it communist
  12. Fourteen Points January 8, 1915
    • abolish secret treaties 
    • freedom of the seas
    • reduction of amendments
    • adjustment of colonial claim
    • self determination 
    • league of nations
  13. Committee on Public Information
    • George Creel: propaganda to aid war effort
    • four minute men
    • billboards, leaflets, songs, and movies
  14. Espionage Act of 1917
    • Eugene v Debs and Haywood imprisoned
    • Schneck v US: not violation of free speech if it posed a "clear and present danger"
  15. National War Labor Board
    • "work or fight"
    • "labor will win the war"
    • William H. Taft
    • 8 hour day: no guarantee for unions
  16. US deployment countries
    • France
    • Belgium
    • Italy
    • Russia
  17. Marshal Foch
    supreme commander and allied forces in France
  18. Second Battle of the Marne July 1918
    • 243,000 US join French forces to push German forces out of St. Mibeil 
    • begins German withdrawal
  19. Meuse Argonne Offensive
    • 1918 Germans surrendered
    • hero: Alvin C. York
  20. US Contributions
    • food 
    • credit 
    • loans 
    • guns
    • bullets
  21. Human Costs
    10 million people worldwide
  22. Henry Cabot Lodge
    • major dpoinent aganist the Treaty of Versea and League of Nations 
    • too weak
    • created seperate super state 
    • Us morally responsible to help its allies
  23. Treaty of Doom Name and Reasons
    • Treaty of Versailles: unfair, violates 14 points
    • never ratified by Senate
    • Wilson gets sick and his wife runs the country
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