micro chapter 4

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  1. what is composed of two basic layers, maintains cell integrity (cell shape helps to not explose or collapse) and is the external covering outside the cytoplasm
    cell envelope
  2. what are the two layers in the cell envelope
    cell wall and cell membrane
  3. which gram stain has thick cell wall composed primarily of peptidoglycan and cell membrane
    gram-positive bacteria
  4. which gram stain outer cell membrane, thin peptidoglycan layer and cell membrane
    gram-negative bacteria
  5. what determines cell shape, prevents lysis due to changing osmotic pressures
    cell walls
  6. what is the primary component of the cell wall
  7. what is a unique macromolecule composed of a repeating framework of long glycan chains cross-linked (amino acids) by short peptide fragements
  8. what cell wall has a thick peptidoglycan
  9. what cell wall includes teichoic acid and lipoteichoic acid: function in cell wall maintenance and enlargement during cell division; move cations across the cell envelope
  10. what cell wall has some cells with a periplasmic space, between the cell membrane and cell wall
  11. what cell wall has inner and outer membranes and periplasmic space between them contains a thin peptidoglycan layer
  12. what cell wall has outer membrane containing lipopolysaccarides
  13. what is the lipid portion (endotoxin) may become toxic when released during infections
  14. what may function as receptors and blocking immune responses
  15. what contains porin (shaped as donuts, widen or narrow=molecule regulation) proteins in upper layer- regulates molecules entering and leaving cell
  16. what is a differential stain that distinguishes cells with a gram+ cell wall from thoose with a gram-
    gram stain
  17. what gram stain retains crystal violet and stain purple
  18. what gram stain lose crystal violet and stains red from safranin counterstain
  19. what is important basis of bacterial classification and identification
    gram stain
  20. what is practical aid in diagnosing infection and guiding drug treatment
    gram stain
  21. what is the bacterial group that lacks cell wall structure
    mycobacterium and nocardia
  22. what is the bacterial group that has no cell wall, cell membrane stabilizes by sterols, is plemomorphic (many irregular shapes)
  23. what is the phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins- fluid mosaic model
    cell membrane structure
  24. what has the function of providing site for energy reactions, nutrient processing, and synthesis
    cell membrane
  25. what has the function of passage of nutrients into the cell and discharge of wastes
    cell membrane
  26. what is selectively permeable
    cell membrane

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