Chapter 5

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  1. Base Station
    Serves as a dispatch and coordination area and ideally is in contact with all other elements of the system
  2. Repeaters
    Devices that receive transmissions from a relatively low-powered source such as a mobile or portable radio and rebroadcast them at another frequency and a higher power.
  3. Encoder
    Breaks down sound waves into unique digital codes.
  4. Decoder
    Recognizes and responds to only those codes from encoder
  5. Mobile Data Terminal
    Included in digital communication; mounted in the cab of the ambulance
  6. SBAR
    Method of organizing your communication into a standard format; Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation
  7. Defense Mechanisms
    Psychological coping strategies the person may use to protect himself from unwanted feelings or thoughts.
  8. Intimate Zone
    In American culture, the space within less than 1.5 feet of an individual.
  9. Open-Ended Questions
    Questions that allow the patient to give a detailed response in his own words.
  10. Close-Ended Questions
    Questions that call for specific information from the patient
  11. Culture
    Composed of the thoughts, communications, actions, and values of racial, ethnic, religious, or social group.
  12. Ethnocentrism
    The view that one culture’s way of doing things is the right way and any other ways is inferior.
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